Digital Media ConnectionThis topic really struck me as I continued into Mitch Joel’s Book “Ctrl-Alt-Delete. This post is a reflection of Chapter 3 of this book. All references made in this post are points which Mitch should get full credit for.

How are clients accessing your company information? Mitch Joel talks about the idea of passive and active media. (Passive = watching a television show) (Active = Facebook or Twitter where participation in sharing is occurring

I am starting to see why people like both forms of media. Brochures, documents, fee schedules and publications in hard copy create a nice deliverable from a passive standpoint.

Blogs with a variety of images, text and video help create a more active approach, especially when shared on social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

In addition, videos are helping to also bring this information directly to clients through professionally recorded segments and live segments using streaming video like USTREAM.

Finding a balance between active and passive is the key. It’s about weaving your story through all of these mediums.

“Great stories are created, nurtured and shared over time” Mitch Joel – Ctrl, Alt, Delete, page 67; 2013

Overall, the goal that stands out for me is that I need to reach out and start making sure to reach my clients through a mix of passive and active media. I have to stay away from thinking that one form of media is better than another. I just need to make sure I am active in both areas and I look for ways to capture and be available for different clients to find and connect with us on their time. This can occur with either medium. In addition, I need to get more in tuned with the different mediums and make sure I come across as someone who knows how to use these mediums effectively to reach people on their terms and not mine.

Active media and Passive Media – each one has the ability to reach out to the masses. The masses may not be embracing it quite yet, but I want to make sure I am in the digital space when they are ready to make that connection.

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