When I woke up this morning (after about 4 hours of sleep becasue the baby wanted to “play” at 1 am), I had no idea that I would be writing a blog post on how to market a book. I actually had a different post scheduled for today, but I pushed it back to tomorrow and you’ll see why in this post.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post as I am making huge announcement. Super excited for it.

I went to the mailbox this morning to get the mail and noticed I received a package. This was a package from a company I did not recognize, but I love getting packages in the mail.

Who doesn’t?

I open the package and to my surprise is a book along with a hand-written note (people should do this more often). I couldn’t believe it, but Mr. Robert Skrob sent me a copy of his book. I had not heard of Mr. Skrob before and have not heard of this book, but it looks like one I will really enjoy.

The topic is something I talk about on this site and is the 4th pillar of our Elite 360º Marketing System. His book looks to be leveraging associations and we talk about forming strategic alliances. Very similar approaches. Also, very effective. We partnered up with US Bank in November to host a workshop using these same principles.

Here is a picture of the book I revived today;

How To Market a Book Like a Rockstar

As you can see, the title of the book is — Your Association Shortcut: The Definitive Guide for Generating Customers Through Associations. This looks like a book that will provide a ton of value. I will share the nuggets of wisdom on this blog in the future.

I try and read two books a month and am currently reading CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone (highly recommended), but you know what book I will be reading next? The one I received in the mail today. I have about 6 books “on deck”, but this just jumped all of them.

The back cover reads;

Associations put you in front of a large number of ideal customers, in one setting and with maximum credibility for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. IN the pages of this book, a 20-year association industry leader reveals how to;

  • Leverage the relationship associations already have with their members to generate customers for your business
  • Open door usually closed to you by partnering with associations to offer your products or services as an association benefit
  • Receive invitations to speak at association events where they fill the room with your best target customers
  • Accomplish more in a few hours than you could in several days of personal one-on-one visits with your potential clients
  • Get in front of a large umber of your ideal clients in a one-to-many atmosphere, providing speed to market
  • Skip past the bureaucratic committee process that trips up so many others

Buy this book now to leap past your competitors and get more new customers faster by harnessing the power of associations.

A Personal Touch

Not only did Robert Skrob send me a copy of his book, but he also included a hand-written note. Talk about making an impact! I did something similar when marketing my book, I sent it out to local business owners, but forgot the hand-written note. I have no doubt that would have made more of an impact if I took the time to do that. I will certainly do that next time.


Now, I understand this can be an expensive way to market a book, I am a big believer in going “deep” as opposed to “wide”. I assume Robert reached out to influential people that had an audience and shared his book with them. I would assume most have a blog and are writers, as a writer, I love writing about this type of stuff. He is practicing what he preaches by reaching out to people with a platform and levering their relationship they have with their audience.

I wrote a 800+ word blog post about it and had zero plans to do so this morning. I will also be sharing this post with my network. By the way, he did not ask for this. I did call him to say thank you for the book, but he was out of the office. I hope to connect with him and interview him for this site.


There is so much noise out there today and promoting a book is a lot of work, trust me. It is very difficult to cut through the noise and make an impact. Mr. Skrob cut through that noise by spending a few dollars and mailing me a copy of his book. Everyone talks about the power of the Interwebs (I do all the time), but you can still make an impact “offline”.

When I woke up this a morning I did not know who Robert Skrob was, by lunch time, I am a huge fan of his.

Thank you Mr. Skrob, you made my day!