Liz Wilson review of What the Plus! by Guy Kawasaki

Have you set up your Google+ profile and business pages yet?

If not – it’s time.

Neal Schaffer said recently that G+ has an active and passionate community yet most businesses and professionals that he meets have stayed away.

But why?

G+ has a lot going for it. Numerous experts have highlighted the SEO value and the benefits of Google Author rank.

Neal Schaffer writes

I already see G+ as the place where relationships are created and developed, serious conversations can be had, and convenient video dialogue can be had for businesses and people.

Guy Kawasaki is perhaps the biggest evangelist. So if you’re tempted – and you should be – the best starting point is his book What the Plus! (affiliate link).

You’ll get a detailed how-to manual with everything you need to know, from connecting, sharing and holding Hangouts to dealing with bozos and managing not to look like one yourself.

It turns the total beginner into a master – and even an evangelist, if that’s what you want.

The Kindle edition costs less than $2 – so there’s no excuse.

I joined a few months ago. At first I felt like the new kid in the playground, not knowing how to make friends. So I got Guy’s book. That sold me on it. I’m slowly doing what he advises, and I go back to the book again and again for tips and ideas.

Here are my top 10 takeaways

1. You can’t ignore Google+ unless you think you can ignore all of Google. Guy quotes Bradley Horowitz, Google VP: “Google+ is Google itself.”

2. Joining Google+ doesn’t mean you can’t stay with other social networks. They all have different uses. Twitter is for real-time perceptions, Facebook for people, Pinterest for pictures and Google+ for passions.

3. Hangouts (live video chats) is the killer feature. You can hold a hangout with up to 9 people (and an unlimited number watching or listening).

4. Your profile can showcase a huge amount of rich, interesting information about you or your business or organisation. That includes groups of connections (circles) photo collections, pages and games.

5. Finding like-minded connections is not so difficult. You can tap into thematic public circles (groups of people) and interest-based lists.

6. Circles are a powerful tool. You act unilaterally in circling and un-circling people. You control who sees your posts and whose you see.

7. Your profile must be enchanting. Guy says: “It’s your resumé, your sales pitch and a window into your soul.”

8. Be trusted. “People trust bakers not eaters.” Eaters think food is limited and if you eat it, they’ll go hungry. Bakers make a bigger pie so there’s plenty for everyone.

9. Always give credit when quoting or curating. When you mention people, make sure you use their Google+ name (like +GuyKawasaki).

10. The book is bursting with ideas and recommendations but there are no real rules, Guy says. To quote him quoting Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Has that whetted your appetite? Go on, sign up and create your enchanting profile. Hope to see you there. Put me in a circle – and Guy too.