In Leadership: The Power of Changing Your PerspectiveI had the honor of being sent an advance copy of The Leader’s Climb by Bob Parsanko and Paul Heagen and wanted to share with you how it helped me shift my thinking.

You see, Adam – the main character – is a CEO who finds himself stuck in a very precarious position as the book opens. At least he thinks he’s stuck. Like so many of us caught up in high-stress situations with many demands placed upon us, we can fall into the trap of thinking we’ve hit a roadblock when in reality we just need to change our perspective.

For example:

  • Maybe instead of seeing a roadblock we can see a gift in the form of encouragement to take a new path…a more fruitful path
  • Perhaps instead of seeing an enormous obstacle we can challenge ourselves to think more simply and unearth an innovative, creative, valuable solution
  • It’s possible that the person we think is in our way is actually trying to help us, and we would see this if we shifted our focus from defensive blocking to listening
  • What if the person we think doesn’t like us is actually feeling threatened by us or encumbered by fear in their life?

And, importantly for all of us, what if when we were feeling overwhelmed with requests to help other people we instead saw this as an abundant opportunity to give rather than analyzing how much we stood to gain?

In all of these cases, if we shifted our perspective and asked if there might be numerous other ways to view our situation, how much joy and abundance might we open ourselves to experiencing? Is it possible that we might not actually be stuck at all?

“The Leader’s Climb” (now available for preorder) shows what these “what if’s” might look like in the day in the life of a business leader, and how through awareness, acceptance and a whole new outlook on abundance we can move beyond our feelings of being “stuck” to the realization that we are anything but.

Because, so often we hold the key to power over our lives when we simply don’t recognize it within ourselves… When we change our perspective we open ourselves up to discovering this power!


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