Our world is undergoing a reality revolution. More and more people are discovering the power of their minds to shape the world around them faster than ever before.

The question is: how do you create the reality of your design?

Published with permission from the author.

Brian Scott wants to help people find the answer. After walking away unscathed from a near-fatal shooting in his home, Brian began a fanatical search for answers. He deepened his research into parallel realities, quantum mechanics, and consciousness to uncover what happened in his close call with death. Along the way, he developed a series of techniques capable of creating profound transformations.

In The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality, Brian introduces readers to the techniques that have helped his clients find lasting love, create wealth, and revitalize health. He shows how to surf through parallel realities and unlock the power of the mind through a mix of researched and science-backed techniques like qi gong, meditation, quantum jumping, energy work, and reality transurfing. I caught up with Brian to learn what inspired him to write the book, his favorite idea, and how that idea has impacted his life.

What happened that made you decide to write the book? What was the exact moment when you realized these ideas needed to get out there?

I had this unique experience happen to me where I had a home invasion and I barely escaped. They shot at me and the bullet bounced off my back. I miraculously survived multiple gunshots and afterwards I felt like I had not earned this second chance that had been given to me. Before this, I had been exploring meditation and something called quantum jumping (or parallel reality surfing) and I had explored different forms of consciousness. The whole event felt like something related to that, but I needed to prove it to keep my own sanity.

So I went out and explored different forms of consciousness expansion, with everything from meditations to float tanks to vibration machines, and in the process found detailed evidence about the ways in which the universe works and reality is created.

Published with permission from the author.

What’s your favorite specific, actionable idea in the book?

There are several different techniques detailed in the book, but there’s one called AURA, which is Alternate Universe Reality Activation. It’s a way of travelling into different realities that you imagine and actualizing them. It’s a way for us to really expand the ideas behind the law of attraction and come into an understanding of the way that imagination creates reality.

What’s a story of how you’ve applied this lesson in your own life? What has this lesson done for you?

I have applied this lesson in my own life in multiple ways. It has helped me find love. It has improved my business and helped me pay off debts. I’ve moved into bigger houses. I’ve transformed every facet of my life by using these techniques. Really, I was just an alcoholic considering suicide before, and then these techniques helped me to blossom into something quite different. That’s why I was motivated to write this book.

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