For some of us, there’s a division between who we are as business leaders and who we are as spouses, friends, sisters, brothers, mothers, or fathers. The awareness of the division that exists within us and the roles we play creates space for our inner voice. This inner voice is seeking our attention and hinting there is a better, easier way of leading and being.

In The Power of a Graceful Leader, Alexsys Thompson shares how to begin integrating who we are and how we lead. Through her experience with this disconnect in her own leadership and having coached hundreds of leaders in their integration journey, Alexsys offers tools, tenets, and some relatable stories to support readers in their journey toward becoming an integrated and graceful leader. Better decisions, healthier relationships, a richer experience of joy, love, and compassion are possible as readers transcend into the leader they were born to be.

I recently caught up with Alexsys to learn what inspired her to write the book, her favorite idea she shares with readers, and how that idea has impacted her life and work.

Published with permission from the author.

What happened that made you decide to write the book? What was the exact moment you realized these ideas needed to get out there?

I had traced a pattern over 100 plus amazing leaders I had coached with and saw the recurring pattern of a disconnect between head and heart. This was something I had worked on within myself over the past decade and began sharing some of the practices that worked for me and in turn were now transforming the way many of the leaders I was working with began to lead.

The exact moment came during a women’s leadership retreat also called the Power of a Graceful Leader, where I witnessed the soul connections that were being made within each of them in very unique and palatable ways. I spent the next couple of years compiling and testing the tenets which have led to this book.

What’s your favorite specific, actionable idea in the book?

For me this answer will always carry the simplicity of creating a gratitude practice while also understanding that sometimes the simple things are the hardest ones.

Published with permission from the author.

What’s a story of how you’ve applied this lesson in your own life? What has this lesson done for you?

My whole life’s foundation is my gratitude practice. It is the foundation of Ubuntu, a safe haven in the Green Mountains of VT. We literally have a sign over the door that says “Gratitude is our Foundation.” Within my gratitude practice there is a powerful ability to manifest the path that I am aligned to live into this time around the sun.

As a result of my practice I have refined my intuitive and discerning skills and the direct result of that is I have made the shifts that put me in direct alignment with my higher purpose. This sounds all nice and easy, but let me share it is the path of a warrior to be still and look within. To wrestle with the deep internal truths that run our life and turn them all over to understand if they are what serves us into our highest possible (not perfect) versions of ourselves.