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One of the most common questions the about to publish author asks is, “Where do I get my ISBN?”  Excellent question—start here:

The International Standard Book Number is known to all in the book world as an ISBN.   It costs $125 for one and $250 for a block of ten.  It’s highly recommend that you purchase a block of 10 because the author usually has at least another book on the “back burner.” And, it’s recommended that your own them outright in your publishing company name.

And these days, the hard cover will be followed by the soft-cover version, requiring another ISBN, and one or more e-books.  And of course, a revised edition (30% or more) could follow eventually, particularly if your first edition is well received.  Bowker is the mothership for ISBNs. Here’s there website that will take you directly there: www.MyIdentifiers.com

BewareThe websites are occasionally updated—changed—so these instructions may also require updating.

How to Send for Your ISBN(s)

  • Go to www.MyIdentifiers.com.
  • Click on bullet in blue below question, “Are you a new publisher applying for a block of ISBNs?  The bullet reads: “Continue your application process on our secure server.
  • Click on “Create an Account.
  • Click on “I Am a New Bowker Customer.
  • Fill out the two column form for “My Profile” and “Company Profile.
  • Fill out the two boxes at bottom, “Username and Password” (“User name” can be your name, your e-mail address, your publishing company, or … whatever.)
  • Click on the box at the bottom, “I accept – Create my Account
  • Click on the “10 ISBN  “BUY” button and fill out the required information. (As suggested above, the 10 ISBNs is the better way to go in today’s one-author-multibooks-published publishing world.)

The process can take up to a week.  The Application will also ask if you want a Bar Code, which costs extra (but not much).  You don’t ordinarily need that as the author, so ignore that box. There are plenty of resources that you can go to for a FREE barcode and all book designers have the service to create it when they are designing the back cover—it’s necessary for the back cover of your book.