You can’t avoid them. They are on your TV. They are in press releases. They are used in radio discussions, ads, even billboards. Blogs are loaded with them, not to mention LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and of course, bows to Twitter for goosing us all to start using them.

Why are they so hot? It’s all about social media … that phrase that is now ingrained in our thoughts and tongues: search engines. Those little devils love hashtags as they are the cat’s meow for finding results.

Hashtags have been a key factor in growing our radio show, AuthorU Your Guide to Book Publishing  … or I should write: #AuthorU Your Guide to #Book #Publishing. After every show, six to ten Tweets are created around the contented, all using key phrases and words that will hook potential podcast listeners. Words/phrases like authors, books, publishing, marketing, promo, pr, book sales, book marketing, author platform, platforms, book platform, publicity, get published, indie publishing, self-publishing, writing, writers etc. Or, how they are used would be like this:

#authors, #books, #publishing, #marketing, #promo, #pr, #book sales, #bookmarketing, #authorplatform, #platforms, #bookplatform, #publicity, #getpublished, #indiepublishing, #selfpublishing, #writing, #writers

For a recent show with Brian Jud that deep dived into target marketing and niche marketing, here’s a few of the Tweets I created along with the link to the podcast:

#author alert: get the key steps to target your #book buyer-listen to podcast. http://ow.ly/pUTHu

#author tip-POD sales can rock with direct sales strategy-get key steps from an insider-listen to podcast. http://ow.ly/pUTHu

Why #authors should stop selling #books and start selling the content within-listen to podcast. http://ow.ly/pUTHu

#Author strategies to repurpose content in segments and promote differently-listen to podcast. http://ow.ly/pUTHu

Key tips for #authors to sell fiction #books to non-traditional buyers-listen to podcast. http://ow.ly/pUTHu

#author tip-Why there is “no one size fits all” rule in special #book sales, except one-listen to podcast. http://ow.ly/pUTHu

Notice that there is a variation with each Tweet, but they are all connected. For a Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn posting, I would add additional info since character space will allow it … yet the hashtag will always be in play.

Many of the old ways of calling attention to your news along with links within your articles and blogs are lessening is use.  The Hashtag has risen!  Use it.  Don’t leave your postings, your Tweets, your anything that is in writing that goes out in cyberland without out it.