Fire Your Sales Team Today is a very provocative title for a book. But the sub-title …Then Rehire Them Again As Sales Guides In Your New Revenue Department brings the idea full circle.

Mike Lieberman and Eric Keiles highlight how much the Internet has transformed the Sales Process and how business owners need a revised approach. In this books, the authors have built upon their first book Reality Marketing Revolution.

Why Fire Your Sales Team?

Sales is no longer a separate function to Marketing. Since the emergence of the Internet, the power now resides with the buyer because they have all the knowledge they need BEFORE they even contact your company.

Marketing and sales are completely intertwined and this book demonstrates why we need to be thinking in terms of Revenue Department (sales & marketing combined as one). Hence you must fire ‘sales-people‘ and rehire them as ‘revenue department people‘.

Key take-aways for me were:

  • Follow this process: Use Inbound Marketing to attract people to your site –> Provide No-Risk Offers –> Then Low-Risk Offers –> Then take them on your Guided Sales Process –> Collaborate with the client on the proposal –> Allow your customers to buy (rather than be sold)!
  • Show your prospects their real alternatives eg. Hire a VP Marketing, Hire a Sales Person, Do Nothing Differently.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule — sales people need to listen 80% and ask/talk 20%.

Mike Lieberman, Toby, myself, Eric Keiles

Fire Your Sales Team Today is a valuable read for business owners, and any sales and marketing professionals. The value of books I read is judged by the number of dog-eared pages and notes I take, and I finished with 18 ideas to action.

The authors Eric & Mike provide a way to contact them at the end of each chapter and having reached out to them both, I can say that they are incredibly knowledgable and generous people.

Last year, Toby and I also attended #Inbound12 to meet Eric and Mike. Thanks guys!

Check out Eric and Mike’s website Square2Marketing.

A condensed version of this book review is published on Amazon.