No one wants to be interrupted. Or ‘talked at.’ Or ‘sold to.’ We seek authentic. We expect relevant. And we want it only when we are good and ready for it. This calls for marketing to make a change: a change in how customers understand you, engage with you, and experience you. No longer is the story simply about you and what you offer. Your brand, your products, your services are not really the hero. The power and impact of your brand and products come from making the customer the hero and you, the marketer, serving as the guide on their buying journey.

This is called Transformational Marketing.

My new book “Marketing, Interruptedfollows the stories of Transformational Leaders and Transformational Companies and how they follow the 3S Methodology—Story, Strategy, and Systems—giving the companies a purposeful Why, What and How that make them successful in the fast-changing world we live in today.

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Get an Exclusive Look at Marketing Interrupted: Chapter 1

Think about where Netflix started versus where they are now. Without the Transformational thinking of CEO Reed Hastings, would the company have been able to change from DVD rental to online video streaming to creating their own content? Fortunately for Netflix, Hastings is a transformative leader, and as such, he always keeps his eye on the future. Introducing video on demand or streaming services for Netflix was not a question of “if” but “when.” Now Netflix produces tremendously popular original productions that are not only winning awards, they have accelerated the transformation of Netflix once again into the world’s 10th-largest revenue-producing Internet company.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Why Marketing Must Change

When Reed Hastings launched Netflix in August 1997, he was quoted as saying at the time that his goal for the business was, “not to provide DVD rentals through the Internet, but rather to allow for the best home video viewing for its customers.” What an amazingly prescient statement from the founder of what is today the world’s 10th-largest revenue-producing Internet company.

The Netflix brand story was simple and clear: greater video selection, more convenient than traveling to a video rental outlet and no late fees. Hastings was one of the first to see that the ability to personalize the shopper experience was a unique characteristic of the Internet. Hastings proclaimed that “if you can otherwise do it offline, people won’t pay for it online. If our internet offering was going to be better than retail stores, we had to find something stores couldn’t do well.”

While writing this book, I had the great opportunity of examining how successful brands tell truly transformational stories.

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Traditional marketing is broken. These companies are taking steps to transform their brands using the kind of marketing that inspires its customers to become brand advocates. In my new book, “Marketing, Interrupted,” I talk about what good brand strategy looks like when you use this Transformational Marketing approach. I’ve interviewed and researched marketers, thought leaders, brands, and organizations that are interrupting “marketing as usual,” maybe even going a little crazy — and succeeding.