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Heralded by TIME magazine as “the defining self-help business book of its time”, Getting Things Done is an incredibly inspiring and beneficial book that will prove invaluable for many people, whether you’re studying, running a business or simply need help managing your home life or work-life balance. David Allen’s international bestseller is the result of decades of research and practice in work-life management and stress-free productivity. He focuses on increasing motivation and performance, managing commitments, improving communication, staying focused and organised and making the right choices in all areas of your life. Basically, whatever you want to achieve, this book will teach you how to get these things done.

Allen’s experience spans some thirty years, and his solutions and advice will help the reader to deal with overwhelming situations and uncertainty. His knowledge is based on his work as a consultant and coach to millions of individuals and many international organisations through his business, David Allen Company, and this book offers all of us the opportunity to reap the benefits of his groundbreaking expertise. In addition to this book, Allen has written Ready for Anything and Making It All Work, both of which complement his GTD management system. His website is also a vast pool of knowledge, containing information for organisations and individuals through an online learning centre, podcasts and webinars, audio CDs and MP3s, Productive Living Newsletters, free articles, virtual coaching services, and much more.

Whatever your situation, Getting Things Done is well worth a read and Allen’s website is nothing less than a school of productivity and self-management that will teach you realistic and achievable ways to improve yourself, your work and your life. Particularly at this time of year, when we all begin to wind down in preparation for the holidays, Allen’s book and website will no doubt be much needed to kick-start our motivation in the New Year. When the excitement has all turned to dread at the thought of returning to the long working week, this book will be a great little pick-me-up and prepare you for a productive and successful 2014. If you need even more of a reboot in the New Year, seminars are being held in London, Edinburgh and Manchester where you can learn more about Allen’s techniques for mastering workflow, and achieving control and perspective over your work and life.