If you find yourself in a position of trying to sort through all of the SEO information, misinformation, and sales pitches to decide if your company would benefit from SEO, have been charged with optimizing you company’s website, or just have an interest in learning more about Search Engine Optimization, I would highly recommend Evan Bailyn’s Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business.

In it, Bailyn suggests an SEO strategy developed around the idea of understanding what it is that Google ultimately wants to deliver to its users – trusted sites that best answer the searchers query – and then working within the constraints set up by Google to help the search engines find his websites and deliver a positive experience to its users. His ever evolving strategies have been developed through years of experience, experimentation, and success in ranking websites on Google (and other search engines).

Topics of Note:

  • Understanding Google and the basics of how its algorithm works
  • The elements of Google Search Engine Optimization: Why you should be focusing on Links, Keywords, Meta Page Titles, URL Structure, and time. This section doesn’t get bogged down in a lot of technical coding jargon – it is informative, interesting, and easy to read.
  • Link Building – great section on link building. One of the best explanations of the “what and how” that I have seen related to link building.
  • The ultimate SEO strategy – “The Nuclear Football” – check it out!
  • Google Adwords: Not what this book is about, but again one of the best break downs of how to move from “using Adwords” to “not losing money on Adwords” – big difference!
  • White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO – learn to identify and avoid the “Black Hat” strategies that can get you in trouble with the search engines.
  • Optimizing for Bing and Yahoo – there are some differences, but with a few small additions to your Google strategy, you can optimize for Bing/Yahoo as well.
  • Traffic Conversion Strategies: Traffic alone is not enough. Bailyn covers website layout, structure, differentiation, publicity, and deals to help convert traffic into leads and sales.

Although Bailyn addresses the significance of Local SEO and “Google Places”, and discusses the growing link between SEO and social media; this book was released in March of 2011, 3 months prior to Google unveiling their social media platform Google+ . . . something that Bailyn predicted that Google would not do.

I would love to see an updated edition of Outsmarting Google with a focus on the changes that Google+ has brought about in SEO in regards to Local SEO and Social Media’s influence over SEO. Having written that, I just saw that Outsmarting Social Media: Profiting in the Age of Friendship Marketing” (not an affiliate link) was released in April of 2012.

Outsmarting Google is best book on SEO that I have read, and definitely goes onto my list of favorite marketing books. If you are a business owner or internet marketing consultant, you will benefit from reading this book. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading. As always, your questions and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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