eMarketing is everywhere. For authors, it should start with the signature in each email. What’s in yours?

Start with using upper and lower case letters in your email and website addresses. Email and website addresses rarely are just one word wonders, especially when it comes to book titles. Help your reader to visually get cues to your name and title. [email protected]t.com is a heck of a lot easier to read than [email protected]t.com.

The typical, www.thenameofmybookisfantastic.com is too hard for your reader’s eyes. Not to mention that a whole bunch of letters strung together could actually spell out something that you didn’t intend to say. Help them out—print your websites and emails with caps on your cards, correspondence, emails, letterhead—everywhere.

Guaranteed, you will have a much better chance of them remembering you and your title.

Insert a photo of you or the cover of your book. Get a QR code–with the smartphone becoming the norm—a quick scan of the QR code via the users phone will take them to the site you want them to go—your website, an article, even the link to buy the book.

Use some color—your signature doesn’t, and shouldn’t be in Times New Roman, black. Boring, reflecting zero creativity.

What’s in your signature says a lot … are you taking advantage of it?