Authors can’t write a good book without the Passion Factor. It’s how the book in the belly gets out. Do you have one in yours?

It’s their passion that fuels their engines, enables them to work one more hour, take one more step to get their “baby” written, laid-out, designed and to the printer. It’s their passion that allows them to roll up their sleeves and create a marketing and promo plan and even speak publicly about it.

If you want to write a book, you’ve got to love the topic/cause. If it’s just something to do, the question has to be asked, “Why do it?”

Not everyone should write a book, attempt to create a small press, or become an independent publisher. Someone may have said you should, but should you? Does a deep internal drive tell you, “Yes, your thoughts, your words need to be read, seen, or heard”? If so, go for it. Embrace it.

A simple question: why do it? When the author identifies his or her Platform, the Passion Factor is a critical component. It collapses without it. Sometimes the Passion Factor if bold and outfront; other times, the author stumbles upon it–not even aware that the book in the belly would rise to the surface.

What topics/areas do you know about—by schooling, life experiences, the school of hard knocks? Do you gyrate toward a subject? Do others tell you that you are a wiz at something? Is there a deep, burning desire to advocate a cause or reach out to help others? Does passion comes into play? Have you had an “aha” moment where the skies opened up and your belly began to dance?

Guaranteed: it’s the Passion Factor that will drive your work to completion and success. Why do it?–simply this: it’s my Passion … I believe in it; I’m committed to it; I will put my time, my energy and my money to support it. My book. It’s in my belly.