Considering Self-Publishing: A Panel Conversation, Part 4 of 4

This is a series of blog posts transcribing a Google+ Hangout conversation I had in October 2012 with a panel of experienced book authors, book marketers, writing & publishing coaches and a few people who had some burning questions for our panel!

Previously we discussed:

In this fourth installment, we’ll consider what the panel recommends Q4: Coaching From Concept Through Publishing

We’ll continue this conversation with some new and some returning panel guests on November 14, 2012 #SparkleSOS Episode #3: Book Authors & Publishing.

Book Authors & Publishing. For this second episode of #SparkleSOS, as with the first, we had a Facebook RSVP Page and Google+ Event Page. I also created a Feedback Form, which I encourage you to fill out to add your thoughts and help shape the next #SparkleSOS Hangout.

Transcribed by: Alex Conde

Here is the video:

Okay, so now that the offers are all done, we just have a few minutes left in the broadcast tonight and there was another question that came through from Cher Jones-Munroe. She asked, do any of these people coach from concept to production? I think that is what you do in some cases isn’t it Christine?

Christine: Yeah, yeah. And again, the best way to reach me is, and [email protected] for coaching. I wanted to hear more from Michelle, because you’re so enthusiastic and I think that must be so infectious for your clients. So, I would love to hear some of the process. You were so kind to get out of the way really quick and I wanted to hear more from you. Just how you work with authors with their books.

Michelle: For instance, I’ve just finished an Amazon foundational class where I had 30 people meet with me via Webinar every night and I sent out 2 emails a week plus videos every week on specific things they needed to do on Amazon to get the foundations that would be what exactly to put into your author central account, how do you make your profile engaging, do you even know that there’s tags on your book and what are you going to do with those tags, and what if somebody else puts “bad book” in your tags and how to get rid of that. So it’s the whole foundational process on Amazon, that’s one class I teach. I do a class then after that on how you actually launch your book and get it out there so people will buy it. And I do private coaching and I do classes on how to sell stuff online through all kinds of channels, launch pages, landing pages, the whole sales funnel thing including auto-responders and offers you can’t refuse. Did that answer your question?

Christine: Yeah! I’ll be checking out your website as soon as we get off the chat.

Michelle: Because I don’t do what you do at all, so maybe we can connect. This is very cool that you’ve put this together Debbie.

Debbie: I’m feeling like we have just a couple of moments left in the hour. We’ve had a number of people join us both on facebook and ask question as well I’ve been seeing a few tweets come through so I feel like this has been a big success, so if people wanted to tweet or reach out to us in any way and if you let us know that you’d like this to happen again and you’d like us to come back and chat some more and give some more advice, then that’s really all it takes.

So we’ll close out the chat, if you want to let people know if you’re on twitter and what your twitter handle is. I’m @Sparkle_Agency on twitter, and sparkleagency on facebook or you can search for “Social Sparkle and Shine” and my website is and I would love to speak with anyone who’s got any questions and I’m willing to give a free half hour consultation or conversation about your situation.

I’ll go next to Richard, if you want to tell people where they can reach you.

Richard: If they’re joining us through Facebook I’m on there, so you can reach me through Facebook or on my website which is and there you can find my twitter handle and a link to my facebook group and my email address. So, just go to my website and pick any way you want to contact me because I’m here to help.

Michelle: I am on twitter, I’m @MichelleVan on twitter, that’s my main one. I’m not on twitter everyday anymore but I am on Facebook every day Michelle Vandepas, and I’m on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and everywhere else, but I mostly hang out on Facebook.

Debbie: Perfect. Daniele…

Daniele: On twitter, my name @danielerossi that’s too long. I’m on LinkedIn, there’s my website that I mentioned before and if my podcast on stuttering piqued your interest, my podcast is and I also cofounded which uses Google+ Hangouts to connect stutterers around the world in a supportive environment. And I also blog on there, we interview our regular participants and write the stories on how Stutter Social helps them, or really how Google+ hangouts help them. And my comic, – I haven’t updated it in a while, but it’s a bunch of tech jokes.

Debbie: Fantastic. Christine?

Christine: So, I’m Christine Cowley @thegiftlegacy on twitter. And I already gave you my website and those two are the best ways to get in touch with me really, and I do answer every email I get, so it would be great to hear from people!

Debbie: Fantastic. Well, thank you everybody for joining me. It’s always a challenge and an honour when people give me their time, both in business hours and outside of business hours to talk about this crazy world and really trying to pursue your dreams. And that’s really what Social Sparkle and Shine is all about, helping people find what their special sparkle is and letting them shine. So, I’ll end the broadcast now, thank you very much everyone for watching, and please reach out to us if you need any help or have any questions. Thank you.

The next episode of #SparkleSOS discussing issues of books authors & publishing is scheduled for November 14, 2012 on Google+ Hangouts on Air at 8pm ET.

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