Anthony Meindl is bursting with creative energy and enthusiasm. He shares his acting lessons on his blog and they are fabulous. Acting lessons? I hear you say this doesn’t apply to me, “I am a ;.” Anthony’s message of being positive and finding the best YOU within you is for everyone.

Anthony recently won Best Director for Birds of a Feather at the Downtown Film Festival LA. Anthony wrote, directed and starred in this film about life in show biz.

This video from Anthony’s blog is called “Just Say Yes!” In it, Anthony talks about how saying no, out loud or with your internal negative voice, sets your mood, your attitude and your life.

From Anthony, “Saying “no” shuts out possibility. Saying “no” leaves us zero access to potential. Saying “no” is a closed system. Saying “no” is not a connective force. Saying “no” is separatism. Saying “no” is simply unchecked habituated thinking. Saying “no” runs counter to our natural state of being. Saying “no” limits our ability to be the creative geniuses we are. Saying “no” prohibits access to the unknown which is where the creative matrix – all possibility – exists. Saying “no” shuts your door.

So say “yes” this week. See how it improves your life. Your attitude. Your mood. Watch how things start rushing into your experience simply because you’ve finally opened the door.

All it takes is saying “yes.”

“Yes is a world and in this world of yes live (skillfully curled) all worlds.” – e.e. cummings

And Anthony wrote a book! At Left Brain, Turn Right: An Uncommon Path to Shutting Up Your Inner Critic, Giving Fear the Finger and Having an Amazing Life is Anthony’s new book and we are so excited to talk with him on August 6th about creativity and left brain/right brain activities.

What you will learn in At Left Brain, Turn Right:

  • How to become present in a revolutionary way
  • How to start producing a greater body of work
  • To become fearless in expressing yourself
  • To tap into the Creative Matrix
  • How to stop the judgment process
  • To no longer let the left brain keep you from living the life you want.
  • How to become more confident, more bold and free in your creative expression.
  • How to let go of outdated paradigms that keep you stuck and sabotage you from what you want.
  • To rethink everything that you’ve been taught about creativity and tap into your authentic power.
  • The science behind creativity, possibility and living in the moment.
  • How to have fun again. Make your life easier. More peaceful and fulfilling.


Here is a quick quiz that you can take to see if you are more of a left or right brain thinker. QUIZ

Hope to see you on August 6th at 8 pm EST live on Twitter as we talk with Anthony. You KNOW this will be fun.

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