The Author Glaze Factor


The deer in the headlight look is common when authors hear the phrase “social media marketing.”  When the glaze factor settles in, the heels dig in and resistance oozes from every pour.

I know that resistance—I resisted it too. The last thing I needed on my plate was something that could literally suck hours of my time each day. That was then; this is now. One of the first things I need on my plate is social media to support my work as an author and the positions and visibility of Author U.

Most authors immediately say—I don’t have the time … I just want to write.

Fine … so who are you going to hire to market your book … your words … your writing?

Ummmmm is the response.

OK … this is where all those social media platforms come into play—Twitter, Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Authors who are introverts don’t have to get in front of people—their fingers can do their talking … and shouting. And for those who have no fears, fingers and mouths can roar.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all the others start with just a few in numbers. As time progresses, numbers build. BUT YOU HAVE TO GET OFF YOUR TUSH AND START. NOW.

At a recent two-day author workshop, I saw the glaze in the eye syndrome take effect. It was a “Let me show you what can happen …” moment–not planned, just that it was the right thing to do at the time for my group.

All had their computers; all were online throughout the two days as we worked through a variety of examples and how-tos in the author and book worlds.

My computer opened on my Hootsuite task bar … waiting for me to “wake it up”—which is exactly what I did. Taking just a few of my participants’ titles, I opened the Amazon page of each, copied its URL and then began …

Taking them within my Hootsuite account, I “composed” quick messages for Twitter; longer ones for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, linking each with the book’s URL on Amazon. Within SECONDS, I recommended their books via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to hundreds of thousands of potential eyes via my followers, fans, and peeps. I didn’t do it once; I did it multiple times, spread out over time and days.

All through the power of marketing; the power of social media. Checking their own social media feeds, they saw my messages pop up.

Seeing it live, in person, on the large room screen and their own—a transition started. The non-believers, unsure believers and believers saw the seeding of a social media message.  It could have been their message. Within minutes, I got direct messages from some of my followers—they liked my message.  Will any of them turn into book buyers? Who knows … but they may have never heard of Cristina Gradina, Natural Childbirth Exercises or The Bloomers if I hadn’t cared enough about their books and their messages to share with others.

Today’s author must get this: social media is the town hall of book marketing. Stop digging in your heels. If you want to be seriously successful as an author, take the first step, a small one, and get started. Now. You don’t need the Author Glaze Factor.