Book Synopsis

As the title of the book suggests, the book focuses on how to Author and Publish a book. And the most interesting aspect is how to view the entire process as “entrepreneurial” effort. Simply because every book starts with an idea in the mind of an author, and the end objective with which anyone publishes a book is a potential sale & impact on others lives – Which is probably why anyone starts an entrepreneurial venture as well.

The Book is a Must Read
* For any first time author
* For any one considering self-publishing
* For any writer before you publish a book
* For anyone who wants to understand the process of writing a book or publishing a book

What I liked about the book?
* Easy to read
* Well structured
* Well written
* Well formatted
* Well edited
* Book is an absolute treasure and contains a wealth of information on how to write a book; and publish the same. The book includes a lot of information on the different phases of writing a book and the publishing process along with guidelines, best practices, personal experiences, tools, templates, lots of examples, tips and tricks
* The concept of self-publishing in which an author should view himself / herself as an Author, Publisher and Most importantly, an Entrepreneur is a valuable insight and lesson for any author. Just being aware of these diverse roles which one needs to play makes an author assume a larger and more important responsibility towards a book release
* The detailed information on multiple options with respect to publishing along with very specific examples in each context and the links to the specific references is awesome!

Sharing some BOOK Excerpts which I personally found invaluable:
* Why should one write a book?
(1) To enrich lives
(2) Intellectual Challenge
(3) Further a Cause
(4) Catharsis

* Why one should not write a book?
(1) Popular Demand
(2) Money

*”First, you’re the primary person responsible for the marketing of your book. Second, publishers don’t use marketing to cause books to sell well—they help books that are already selling well to sell even better.”

* 3 D’s of Self Publishing

Book Ruminations
* I can’t help but ponder if the success of any book is somehow partly also dependent on the following factors
(i) The geography / physical location that a book is published in – For e.g.: I think a book published in India might do differently in comparison to the same book on the same topic being published in the US or UK
(ii) The Timing – Sometimes the timing makes all the difference in the book release. By timing I mean – Year, month of the year and what other significant events (global / regional / economic / business, etc.) occur at the time of book release. The popular human sentiment / emotion can sometimes be a key trigger that drive sales up / down.

* At the end of the day, a book is really a creative piece of art. And an author(as an artist) needs to be true to his / her art. And be detached about the outcome (as hard as this might be) because there is some “unpredictability” in how the world views and judges your art-work (book).

* Personally, it has been a great LEARNING Experience reading the book and it is awesome that Guy and Shawn published this book. Looking at their reasons for one should write a book. I think they definitely
(1) Enriched lives – The book provides wealth of information on writing, publishing and promoting a book; and proves to be a great learning experience
(2) Intellectual Challenge – I am sure it was an intellectual challenge for them; and it also gets the “serious reader” to think
(3) Further a Cause – I don’t know if they had a cause in mind; but I think they surely will further the cause of inspiring and motivating many first time writers / writers who are looking at self-publishing because they have provided a “one-stop shop reference”
(4) Catharsis – It may have been for them, I can’t say!

So Thank You!

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of the e-book for review.