3 Ways “Vlog Like A Boss” Will Make You A Better Vlogger

It’s time for another Social Media & Marketing Book review! This is my chance to share what I’ve been reading and what some of my dear friends and colleagues have been working so hard to publish. And it’s your chance to learn about a valuable resource!


75,000 Subscribers
777 Videos
5.3 Million Views

That’s the channel that Amy Schmittauer has built for herself on YouTube as of this publishing, and that doesn’t even include her other social channels and audiences.

Amy is a talented video creator and teacher, gifted speaker, and a highly sought after marketing consultant. And now she’s added ‘author’ to that resume.

This fellow Ohio-native has published Vlog Like A Boss to share her story and experience in creating, not just video, but a brand, and how you can do the same. Today’s review will give you an overview of what to expect from the book so you can decide for yourself if it can help you.

Full Title: Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging
Author: Amy Schmittauer
Available Formats: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audio from Amazon
Reading Time (according to readinglength.com): 4 hours, 30 minutes

Who Is This Book For?

When I asked Amy who she thought the book was ideally suited for, she replied, “Vlog Like A Boss is for go-getters and creators. It’s for those who go after what they want in life and want to kill it online.”

To that I would add that, frankly, anyone who might benefit from creating videos for their business should consider investing in this resource. You’ll see why next.

What Topics Are Covered?

Before I get into the topics that are covered, I think it’s important to highlight one topic that’s deliberately not covered: gear.

If you’re looking for technical help on what camera to use and various aperture and ISO settings, this isn’t the book for you. But that’s for good reason. As Amy rightly points out, the cameras built into all of our smart phones today are wonderful and totally appropriate to use, particularly when you’re just getting started. Worrying about the tech is just a barrier. It’s the “excuse before all the other excuses” as Amy says.

So don’t worry about the camera and other tech and, instead, focus on far more important things like Strategy and Personality. And guess what? That’s what the book really is about!

In Part One, Amy lays down some groundwork by discussing what a Vlog is, and shares some of her story on how she got started creating video. She then goes on to tackle more than just the fear of getting the right gear, but also the “Fear of Personality” and the “Fear of ROI” – all of which are real, but overcome-able with Amy’s guidance!

Part Two is where we really get to work. Amy walks us through:

  • Creating your video strategy, including identifying core elements like Your Why, Goals, Audience and more.
  • How to find and showcase your talent.
  • How to create a Channel worth subscribing to through polished programming.
  • Her formula for putting together an authoritative video.
  • The beauty of collaborating with video.
  • Understanding, encouraging, and dealing with engagement, both good and bad.
  • Distribution of content to get more eyeballs and grow your audience!

Part Three starts off with a discussion on equipment and technical information. I know I said that’s not what this book is about and that’s true, there’s only one chapter that’s really devoted to tech. But I loved how Amy covered this last as it’s really the least important element. What you say and how you say it is way more interesting to your audience.

That said, it’s nice to have a few insights from a pro like Amy. The tips on lighting and camera placement are particularly valuable.

Important Takeaways?

#1 – Don’t let your fears – whatever they are – stand in your way.

#2 – Create a content plan and schedule for your videos.

#3 – Focus on a narrow niche with your video content – specialize!

And believe me, that last takeaway is as true for written content as it is video.

Favorite Quote

“You can have the best product ever – even better than existing competition – but if no one knows about it because you didn’t market it correctly, it might as well not even exist.” – Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer quote from Vlog Like A Boss

My second favorite quote was this, “Viewers are like men. They don’t get it. You have to tell them explicitly.” I so want to hate you for that one, Amy, but I can’t because you’re right. Viewers (and readers, and men in general) need to be told what to do next!

Final Thoughts & Impressions

This is an incredibly actionable book. Whether you’re a blogger/vlogger or business, Vlog Like A Boss is packed with truly valuable strategies, tactics and insights.

Amy expertly leverages her experience and does so in a way that’s easy for anyone to read and understand.

And throughout, she weaves in her unique personality and incredible sense of humor.

For instance, while talking about what you should do for lighting, she says:

“Here’s the good news. This is something you can put off spending your money on for a while. I did. I didn’t buy a light for my setup until years after getting started.

What did I do in those early days? Well, grasshopper, there’s this thing called the sun…”

Funny and smart advice rolled into one.

Even though I personally have a passion for writing and will never create a lot of video content, I was still able to take valuable lessons from the book. I highly recommend Vlog Like A Boss by Amy Schmittauer and give it 5/5 stars! Pick up your copy at Amazon.

None of the links to Amazon are affiliate links, and I was neither asked nor compensated for this review. I write Social Media & Marketing book reviews to share great resources with you, and keep you apprised of what my peers and colleagues and friends are publishing.