Always keep track of these simple elements to take your business blog to the next level. Thanks and shoutouts to Kristi Hines over at Business 2 Community:

  • The Headline- essential to driving traffic. Simple exercise: try and always fit your title/headline into a Twitter post. Include keywords, include a solution to a problem, include a call to action that will catch your reader’s eye.
  • Word count- I found the magic number. 300-500. If something is amazingly interesting, go big. Go bigger than 1000. Always do your subject justice, never sell it short. Quality over quantity, always. Miss Hines makes the excellent point that you never want to send your reader elsewhere for extra information. It should all be right here.
  • Break up your content- Paragraphs my friends. If I see a block of text, I automatically assume it’s lorem ipsum, and my Latin is not up to scratch. Pictures, graphs, they’re your reader’s best friends. When you leave a blog post, you hopefully remember the main idea. This can only be assisted by visuals that stick in their minds.