Writing a blog that people want to read will provide some of the best marketing that your business can ask for. The best part is that there is nothing prohibitive about getting started.

There are no gatekeepers. There are no prohibitive costs. If you have an idea for your business blog, you are free to put it out in front of your audience in raw, pure form.

It is a good thing, too. Your customers and readers want you to show your work, and writing a blog is the perfect way to do just that. A blog offers you a place to display your business knowledge, opinions and expertise. It gives your customers more than one way to discover you.

There are a variety of different types of content to consider when you are writing a blog:

  • Educational content – Blog posts can offer readers and customers “how to” content that shows them how to do something industry specific. This can establish your business as a credible expert in the field, making you a go-to choice.
  • News and issue commentary – Is there something significant going on in the news regarding your industry? Your blog is the perfect place to publicize your business’s position on the issue. It’s a great way to help your customers understand how your industry can impact their lives.
  • Relating outside ideas back to your industry – What non industry related books are you reading? What are your favorite movies, television shows, or sports? Your outside interests can provide new perspective. They can help your business differentiate itself. Outside of the box blogs make your business memorable. In a crowded field of search results this may be the push you need.
  • Lists – This is the Internet. Readers crave lists because they know that the information you’re offering up is manageable. So don’t be afraid to create lists for everything. They can make some of your most consumable content.
  • Customer questions – What questions do you see the most out in the field? Answering questions on your blog gives you something to refer customers back to. Chances are someone else is wondering the same things.

You no longer need to publish a book to be considered an expert. You no longer need to buy advertising space to achieve visibility. Musicians and authors have taken to the Internet to stream their content for free, and businesses can do the same thing by writing a blog.

Keep It Professional

The ability to quickly and easily publish content isn’t an excuse to be sloppy. You may want to hire a marketing writer or copy editor to publish a better product.

Your business has a distinct culture and voice. Learning how to use that voice in a professional way will help you differentiate your business from the competition, and provide value to your customers.