There’s always cause for celebration when one of my most frequently used iPad apps gets an update. Seeing that little number displayed on the Apple Store icon is always followed by excitement and curiosity…which app and I wonder what they did to make it better? I’m always so curious that I rush to download the update and then rush back to read all the details of what I’ll find has changed when the update is complete and I can relaunch.

WordPress just launched a major upgrade today and I couldn’t wait to dig in. It’s much more robust and I love being able to access the dashboard right from my IPad without having to launch Safari. This update also includes a “view site” feature, with is a huge addition and WAS a huge frustration with the last version.

Other key features which are going to make blogging easier; The new side bar navigation is so much more user friendly and robust and using Jetpack to track stats is now easier than ever as well. There are no changes that stood out to me with the text editor, other than the ability to add and record videos right from the application, which is big. I appreciate anything that can streamline the blogging process and this update has done exactly that.

As a writer and a blogger, my iPad is my “go to” device when an idea strikes and I need a “deposit box” for my thoughts. The drafts folder on my all of my blogs are filled with article ideas or blogs I’ve started and can complete and publish when I’m ready. Using the WordPress app on my iPad allows me to focus my thoughts and focus on what I’m writing without all of the distractions of multiple windows open and popping up everywhere, like on my desk top computer. It really is one of my most frequently used apps.

If you haven’t downloaded the update, what are you waiting for? It’s like opening a present when you launch it and you’ll be pleased with what you find. If you have downloaded the update, what did you think? Are you enjoying it as much as I?

Thank you WordPress For making blogging and sharing ideas even easier with this great new update! Thumbs up from this writer/blogger!!!!