Since this blog is highly syndicated and we were asked for the value of syndication, I asked that question of expert, Tom Pick of Associates, who happens to be a good friend of Find New Customers, as he is a top expert in blogging.KC

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I asked Tom to help me understand the real value of blog syndication.

Here’s his thoughtful reply: Three reasons for syndicating your blog.

  1. Syndication builds blog traffic
    As I note in this post, in addition to the link/SEO value, syndication drives about 6% of all traffic to my blog:
  2. It improves search ranking
    Links are crucial to generating search rankings and traffic. While it’s impossible to precisely quantify this, in general, links from higher-traffic and high authority sites (e.g.,, Technorati) have more SEO value than links from general directories and syndication sites (see (though even those links have some value).
  3. It increases your influence.
    Syndication “gets your name out” and positions you as a thought-leader in your industry. What does that do for you? It generates more Twitter followers, blog readers, searches for your specific name or brand, and additional links to your content (which, again, helps with SEO). In terms of generating business results from that increased traffic, see

Thanks Tom. Those are three outstanding reasons blog syndication works.

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