There are literally millions of articles in the blogosphere showing us how to make money online. Even people who’ve never made any substantial money on the Internet are writing about how to do so. This is getting slightly old for many of us. We’ve read enough of those articles and still can’t find any real ways we as individuals can make money online. We’ve done the ‘click here’ scenario which outlines how a ‘stay at home’ mum made $5,000 online in her first month. Yet, here we are, broke and wondering how we’re going to get a bite of the online money cake, especially since we haven’t even got a blog. Here are some real ways people have been making money on the Internet and you can too.

Sign up with Fiverr and advertise your services to earn money

Fiverr is a website that allows you to sell any talent you have for $5.00. Can you sing a jingle, write a song, write love poems, cry on cue, and tape yourself laughing silly over any random joke? Can you take pictures of the pandas living next door to you? Do you live in a city everyone wants to visit (you can take pictures of this and sell to them).

Can you photoshop any picture? Can you paint your face blue and recite happy birthday? The possibilities are endless. Once you describe what you’re willing to do, and your gig is approved, do a good job and get your gigs rated highly. Once you start receiving ratings, your gig could potentially become one of the biggest on the site. It’s possible to get multiple orders each day.

Sell on e-bay to earn money online

Have you got vintage toys you no longer use? Do you live in the UK where Dr Who toys are available cheaply? US collectors will buy them for higher prices. Whatever you have you can sell on e-bay. As long as you develop a track record of delivering good–quality stuff, well within the time stated, you’ll demonstrate that you can be trusted. You can work from home selling on e-Bay, making a great additional income from this extra online service – and there’s no blog in sight!

Design e-book covers to earn money online

If you’re artistic or have experience with graphic design you could potentially set yourself up (if you’ve taken time to build up your network and your platform) as a designer for e-Book covers. E-Book writing is an unusually popular and profitable business these days. Most bloggers have written one in order to get people to sign up to their sites (they give them away for free to each subscriber).

Each of these books has to have a cover. This is where you come in. With practise, you could become extremely good, if you’re not already there. Bloggers you’ve designed for will obviously have their books displayed prominently on their sites. All you have to do is ask them to credit you as the designer (perhaps in exchange for a small discount). They will be doing your promotion for you.

Design websites to earn money online

We’ve already mentioned how the website business has come a long way and is a very profitable industry to get into. You don’t have to have a blog to profit from one. If you have knowledge or experience in html or coding, you can sell your services to bloggers. Millions of people potentially need your services out there. Again, ask to be credited on their blogs (perhaps in exchange for a discount) and watch your business take shape because of all those people, in different parts of the world who are promoting and marketing your services for free.

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