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Remember the days when social media was a novelty? Today it is an important part of your online marketing campaign. We are living in a media conscious era where a brand’s survival is dependent on its social media presence. That is one reason why we see companies hiring social media consultants, and some have even hired people for digital media marketing specifically.

There are tons of posts online that guide you improve your social media presence by actively posting pages and responding to your audience, but this is not one of those posts.

Blogging plays a vital role in improving your brand’s social media presence. If you haven’t looked in to blogging yet, go through some good reasons why you should be blogging and how to start a blog at

In this post, I am going to discuss how blogging can breathe life into your social media campaign and do wonders for your social media presence.

In this post, I am going to discuss how blogging can breathe life into your social media campaign and do wonders for your social media presence.

Creation of Valuable Content
Creating content of value in your blog is a must among blogging practices and it has a huge impact on your presence on various social media platforms, even if you are a design oriented business. If you create content that is of use and delivers value to the reader, he/she is more likely to share it with their circles. This will attract new audience to your blog.

Moz post sharing on Facebook is a one brand who does that all the time. They create valuable content on their own website and then share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. When a person finds something interesting, he ‘likes’ it, and shares it with his circles. By adopting effective blogging techniques, not only will you attract more audience, but you will also increase your popularity on social media platforms.

Easy Social Media Integration System
Blogging and RSS formats facilitate easy social media sharing for readers, and as a result better business branding and audience.

social media integration

Like, almost all serious custom blogs use social media buttons on their blog posts (usually at the end of the post), so that visitors and readers can easily share their content with their circles by easily clicking there and then only instead of logging in to their social account to share.

Blogging can actually help you strengthen your social media presence if you have share-worthy content and have an option to easily share the content to multiple social media platforms. 8out of 10people will not share the content (even if it is share worthy) if they don’t see clear and easily to use social media sharing buttons on the post.

In order to improve your social media presence, writing on a fresh, interesting topic is not enough, but you have to give your readers visible, easy access in order for them to share your post.

The Blog Comment Game
This may sound funny to you but if I recall the early days when I started blogging this technique actually helped me increase my social media presence and also introduced me to various influencers in the industry.

You can comment on blogs and appropriately reply to someone who comments on your blog. It is important because if your comment delivers some sort of value, people will tend to see your social media profile and follow you there or try to get in touch with you.

comment game

You write a blog and when people share their views about it, welcome them, thank them, but above all listen to the criticism and consider it. They comment on your blog (or vice versa) people usually tend to follow you on your social media accounts, hence your social media presences grows ultimately though blogging.

The Image Magic
Talk about SEO, link Building or even social Media, images play its part and help the whole system get a little more powerful. Blog images are usually likeable and open sharing opportunities to new social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

fresh home outdoor ideas

I am a big fan of an interior design blog called and one thing I see they mainly focus on their blog is attractive, eye candy images that people share on other platforms (other blogs and social media platforms).As a result their overall brand image and traffic improves gradually on image based social media networks.

Blogging Increases Social Value
If you are not into blogging then you are seriously missing out. The power of blogging is immense and it has a significant effect on website traffic, conversions and sales. Back in 2012, I wrote an article about the real benefits of guest blogging and right after I published it, I witnessed tons of quality traffic on the website and on my social accounts too.

Blogging not only offer links, traffic and possibly conversions on the website, but it also helps you strengthen your social media entities and brand page. It means more people are linking to your social profiles and sharing your content.

Social media is powerful, if you are in need of a strong presence blogging can accomplish that. Follow the tactics I’ve discussed in this post to improve your social media presence through blogging.

Happy blogging. :-)

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