guest-posterYou already know why guest blogging is important. From quality backlinks to explosive exposure, there are few who would argue that guest posting is a waste of time.

But how do you actually pitch a guest post? What are the steps between thinking, I’d love to be on that blog, and then seeing your work published on said blog?

#1 Choose the Right Batter

Before you get started on the pitch, ask yourself a few objective questions:

  • Has this blog ever accepted a guest post before?
  • What do I have in common with the blog’s other guest post authors?
  • Why would this blog want to publish a guest post by me?
  • Will a guest post on this blog help me meet my business’s objectives?

If you can’t answer all of these questions, then you might be choosing the wrong “batter.” Be pragmatic in selecting the blog(s) you’ll try to attract. There’s no point in wasting your time pitching a guest post to the wrong publisher.

#2 A Great Pitch Needs a Great Wind Up

Once you’ve confirmed that you do indeed have a chance of getting your guest post published, it’s time to put your energy into a great wind up.

Let’s be honest here… you’re going to have to do a little sucking up. Nothing over-the-top or insincere. But bloggers like to know that you have at least read/appreciated/enjoyed their blog. Mention one – not two or three – just one blog post that you found valuable. Connect yourself with that blog post. For example:

Dear Blogger, I really enjoyed your recent post on designing a photography portfolio. As someone who helps market photography portfolios, I appreciated the suggestions you offered from the creative’s point of view. [etc.]

#3 Release & Follow Through

Once you have your foot in the door with that opening line, it’s time to pitch your guest post. (This should all be done in one email, by the way. Editors are busy.) Your guest post pitch should be powerful and compelling. Don’t leave the recipient with questions. If you do, you may not get a response. Remember, you’re trying to win them over – not tease them. The editor doesn’t really have skin in the game.

Your pitch should include these 7 things:

  • The compliment/wind-up line(s) in Step 2.
  • The proposed title of your blog. (Make it catchy!)
  • A brief abstract.
  • The links/resources you will use.
  • Why this post will be beneficial for their site.
  • Writing samples.
  • A warm and sincere “thank you for your time” with contact info.

Keep this email as short as possible. Also, avoid sending the full blog post unless the submission guidelines welcomes finished posts.

Having trouble getting a positive response? You could be committing one of these five sins. Lastly, don’t be timid about following up if you haven’t gotten a response after a week or so.

Looking for more advice on guest blogging? Check out our guidebook, Everything You Should Know About Guest Posting.

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