I want a blog; do you have any tips for blogging?  I hear this over and over and over again when I consult with clients.  They feel very strongly that they need a blog and want a blog but they are completely lost as to what to do next regarding blogging.  Some of them feel that they have a lot to blog about their particular industry, product and/or service.  Some have no idea where they would begin to write a blog or even what kind of information, relevant to their profession, would go into a blog.  As always, I want my clients to understand what social media is about, what blogging is about and how it all fits together into an integrated complete marketing strategy for their business.  As you know, I am far from a techy and techno jargon is not what you will hear from me whether it’s about Facebook, Twitter, blogging or any other type of online marketing technique and strategy.

Here are some tips for where you will be blogging:

  • First and foremost, DON’T STRESS.
  • You probably should start with one blog per month and then progress to two blogs per month.
  • Depending on your business, two blogs per month may be quite sufficient – in most cases it is.
  • Be sure to have a blog spot on your website or you will need to have that set up on a separate blog site to use.
  • You can use a separate Word Press site for your blog versus those blogger sites that you see all the time – have a professional put up the Word Press site for up you and it should not cost much just for a Word Press site to blog on – you are not building out a whole new website.
  • If your website is older and is not built on Word Press, you might consider having it migrated over especially if it is not mobile friendly, i.e. looks good on smartphones and tablets where most of the Internet/Google searching is now being done.

Now for the actual blog content:

  • First and foremost, DON’T STRESS.
  • Start by writing down the questions that you get asked over and over again in your business – Your Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Put down a paragraph or two of answers for those FAQs and you now have the beginning of your blogs
  • Sometimes you can find something like a #NationalSomethingDay that can tie into your business for a blog idea.
  • When your Word Press is set up ask for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin  – it is easier than you think, even I have gotten used to using it to make sure my blogs get the “green light” before I post them.
  • Use keywords that relate to what you are writing about in your blog which should relate to your industry – notice the word “blog” several times in this article.
  • Speak in your own voice but pay attention to spelling and grammar – some literary license is totally cool in your blogs but let’s still respect the English language.
  • As you write more, put links in back to other articles you have written that relate to what your current blog is about.
  • Find a picture that goes along with it – DO NOT TAKE PICTURES OFF THE INTERNET – I use CanStockPhoto.com, but there are several photo sites where you can purchase pictures for your blogs and not worry about copyright issues.
  • Put in TAGS that again relate to keywords in your blog.
  • After you publish your blog, you will want to post in on your Facebook Business Page, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • On LinkedIn, you want to publish it as an article and link back to the original at the bottom with a link Original Article that will take them to your blog site – I would recommend making sure your LinkedIn profile is serving you first – that is very important.

Last but not least, if you hate to write, absolutely do not want to make the time but know that you need to start a blog, find someone to help you.  You can hire a content blog writer or work with someone who enjoys writing that can assist you. Don’t make yourself crazy about this.  Blogging is important but writing a blog may not be your thing -you have a business to run.  Do it the way it fits for you.

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