With the guest blogging become new way to brand yourself, and to get quality backlinks, it’s our job to ensure that guest bloggers can easily submit blog posts for review. WordPress being one of the easiest platform for blogging, offers many guest blogging WordPress plugins, which makes our work easier. With WordPress, you just need to make few quick changes to enable guest blogging on your blog, and install few plugins to make life easier for your guest author.

Here I’m sharing few plugins which every WordPress blogger who have enabled guest blogging, should install. These plugins are not in any particular order, and I will explain the usage, so that you can install one which suffice your needs.

WordPress plugins for guest blogging enabled blogs:

Let me start with few plugins which I have been using for sometime, and they worked out really great for me.

Author advertising plugin:

Author advertising plugin

On my blog ShoutMeLoud, I enabled guest blogging back in 2009, and since than I also offered an extra incentive in the form of running your AdSense ads on your guest posts. That means, along with all other advantages of guest blogging, you are also enabling your guest poster to run their own Ads. Though this plugin can be configured with almost all the ad networks including private Ads, but I prefer enabling it for AdSense only, as this way you don’t need to keep checking for every users individual code. This plugin requires a bit of configuration, and you can read about it here.

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails

This is one essential plugin for every guest blogging enabled WordPress blog, as it keeps the communication on at all the point. As an admin, you will get notification when a post is submitted for review, and guest blogger will get notification when article status is changed to draft, published or scheduled for publishing. This automates the task, and a happy guest poster means more posts in coming days. Is int it? :)

This plugin comes with many advanced settings like, you can assign particular category to specific moderator, and this will work specially for a big blogs, where you get tons of guest posts for submissions.

Peters Post notes:

This is another useful plugin which works along with above one. This plugin adds a feature to add notes with the blog posts, and notes could be added by guest blogger or by the editor. Being a blog owner, I find it useful, as when I reject a blog post, I usually add reasons in then notes section and change status to draft. Users get notified about the post got rejected, and reason for it. This helps them to understand my expectations, and usually they work pretty hard to get approval.

These are just few of the many plugins, that I use on my blog. Few more plugins which could be useful are: Wangguard to stop spam registration, editorial calendar to maintain post schedule. In the next article, I will talk about more such useful WordPress plugins.

Do let me know if you know more such WordPress plugins for blogs which allows guest blogging.