What’s the purpose of the whole blogging experience? It’s of course to write something and have someone to read it and share it with the world. But what if you make your blog, upload your first blog post and no one seems to find it or read it? Don’t worry, my friends, as I won’t let that be your problem. I’ll tell you the secret to creating content that would be popular and captivating enough to make your readers drool over it from the moment they see it. How?

Everything lies in the types of blog posts you write. Read on as I’ll show you which of them are the real deal and get shared the most.


young girl with question mark on a gray background

Off we go with the basic and one of the most powerful types. The How-To’s are in fact tutorials that provide answers to the users that need them. Ask yourself! What’s the main reason you visit the net? I mean aside from liking or sharing photos on the social media. I got you. You ask questions. But what’s important is that you’re not alone. Millions of users go on the Internet with the intention to find out the solution to something that gives them trouble.

For example, if they want to bake a cake or brew the perfect cocktail, they’ll ask for a recipe. Imagine if your blog could give them that. Boom! Not only that they become your subscribers but they also recommend you to their circle of friends. That’s why before writing anything else, think of a question that would be the most searched and put the answer to it in your blog post. You can only get more shares by being smart and thoughtful and that’s what you want, isn’t it? Visit wikiHow for more inspiration.


Magnifying glass closeup of push pin tacks in a map

Who became popular with something made by someone else? You may ask. Well, I hate to break it to you, but a lot of bloggers out there did just that. It’s where the reviews came from as a type of blog posts in the first place. Writing your thoughts on a product, a book or a movie that you liked will bring you more shares than you can imagine. Potential customers or viewers are always skeptical before purchasing or watching something so use advantage of that. Offer them a sincere review of the thing they are interested in and watch as they show it to everyone that are into the same thing as them.

The only downside, if I could call it that, is that you’ll receive a lot of free gifts from companies eager to have their products reviewed so it’s a win-win situation.

Personal stories

News conference

Let’s be honest! Everyone enjoys a juicy tale. The more emotional and scandalous it is, the better. Okay maybe not always scandalous, but definitely the emotional part is the one that provokes all the shares. People like to read about different life stories and experiences, so that’s the next field you can direct your blog posts at.

For example, take a look at Jon Morrow’s personal blog post – “On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas.” It’s one of the most famous and shared posts on his blog. Why? It’s because it shows how important blogging is for the reader, in the same time telling the story of how his mother would not let him die. That gives a purpose in the readers’ eyes and paints a deep picture of your personality.

It’s just easier to connect with bloggers who spill their soul on the web, so write a blog post that would show a piece of your life to your readers. You won’t regret opening up a bit as the users would surely award you with their countless shares.


to do list

Today people get nervous quite easily and it’s hard to keep them focused on your writing. They may get tired of paragraphs and skip through the blog post without actually reading what you have to say. That’s where the lists come in. This type of blog posts allows you to summarize all key ideas of your content and present them in the shortest way possible – in bullet and number points. That way you maintain the readers’ attention and provoke them to read everything till the end. The provided information is more absorbable to them so they are persuaded to share your words around.

It’s insanely easy to turn every post into a list as it can be applied to every topic. For instance, if you’re a fashion blog, you can create a list of the trendiest dresses for the season; as a food blog you have the most common dishes around the globe; a business blog could contain a list of your products and so on. Put an image under every point and there you have it. The perfect blog post that readers would be eager to share on all platforms.

Too-Good-To-Be-True Posts

Magician hand with magic wand

Take something that most of the people would think it’s impossible to achieve and turn it into your most shared blog post. How? It’s quite simple. People are always intrigued by stuff that seem untouchable and in most cases they click the link that provides such information. Everything starts with setting up the bait in the headline. To illustrate, take a look at the following headlines:

• From Bronx to Wall Street – How I did it?
• 10 ways to get your brand new blog visited 100.000+ times
• Cook the healthiest meal without using veggies and fruits

See? It’s a classical headline technique that actually works. But the job doesn’t stop there. You have to be honest and write accurate content that goes with them. To do that, make sure you pick ‘impossible’ stories that you know the answers to. If you succeed at that, your blog posts will bloom with everyday shares.

To help you come up with catchy titles check out this tool.


Film camera chalkboard and roll on wooden table

Never underestimate the power videos have in the online world. They give a perfect tone to your blog and enrich it with motion. If you’re a so-called ‘vidder’ and you upload your videos on YouTube or Vimeo or simply any other platform, then give this blog posts type a try. Choose a video that fits the theme of your blog, add a little text under it to explain what the idea around it is and you get your unique blog post that instantly gets shared. Why? Because it offers a useful and interesting combination of how your words actually look like on screen.

Sticking with the food blog example, you can film yourself picking up some wild fruits in the forest or just carrots in the garden and write about the technique or the types of wild fruits and carrots in the content. That blog post would be a definite ‘share’ by everyone interested in that field.

I think you got my point with these six types of blog posts. By constantly using them and mixing up their order of posting you make your blog more interesting to your readers. They would be eager to find out what you’re up to next and keep their eyes on new blog posts that they can share. Go on, write one of these types and tell us how it went in the comments. We can’t wait to see you bragging with the shares you got!