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Blogging is no longer a simple tool for self-expression. Instead, it’s become a fundamental marketing tool for businesses and a practical way for freelance writers to generate money on their own time. However, not all blogs are successful. In fact, many actually fail because they are poorly executed. If you are interested in blogging or in charge or your company’s blog, make sure you avoid these 7 mistakes.

1 – No Schedule

One of the easiest things many bloggers overlook with their blog is a schedule. Creating a schedule for your blog is a simple way to attract a following. It helps readers know when to visit your blog. Just like the morning paper that arrives each morning on your driveway, you can train your readers to expect a new post, daily, monthly, bimonthly, or weekly.

2 – A Boring About Me Page

Another common mistake many bloggers make is including minimal information on the about me page. Typically, this page is the most visited page on a blog. The more information you provide, the more likely your page will come up in a search engine. Also, interesting about me pages provide readers with information that helps them relate more as they read.

3 – No Blogging Goal

Furthermore, many bloggers do not set goals for themselves with their blogs. In fact, there are many companies that simply blog to blog. This is detrimental to the company and usually extremely inefficient. There are plenty of programs available to help them analyze the performance of their blog. They should be able to determine what promotions and individual blogs are most effective. In doing so, they can fine-tune their marketing initiatives and set goals for the future. If they set a goal to reach a certain number of customers with a giveaway, perhaps their blog would be more successful.

4 – Blogging To Robots

Another problem many blogs encounter is that they write to robots rather than people. The language they use is generic and impersonal rather than friendly and warm. This is not the nature of a blog that will be well received by many. People naturally feel more comfortable around friends or someone they trust. If your blog does not have a trusting, friendly connotation, it will be difficult for others to understand and accept.

5 – Failing To Network With Others

One of the biggest aspects to blogging is networking. Although you have to write a blog, you also build a following by linking with other popular blogs. Therefore, you need to be willing to make time for networking. One of the easiest ways to do this is through blog commenting. You can comment and other blogs and leave a link to your blog. You might be surprised at how easily it will help you establish good relationships with other bloggers. In addition, you will probably generate traffic to your site as well.

6 – Do Not Blog For Money

If you are blogging for money, you are making a huge mistake. Blogging is a difficult endeavor to undertake simply for money. You need to also be passionate about it – especially since you need to generate enough content to create the blog. Otherwise, you will not be able to find success in your endeavors.

7 – Stop Copying

Finally, stop copying content online. This is a major no-no is the world of blogging and it will not get you ahead. Instead, you should read what someone else writes and come up with your own version of the content. Publish your opinion, so you are not plagiarizing. This way, you can honestly say that you are creating your own work. Plus, it is more fulfilling when you write your own words!

When you avoid these 7 mistakes, you have a much better chance of succeeded with your blog! Good luck.

Which blogging mistake do you think is the most critical of the ones shared above? Do you know of any other blogging mistakes that people should avoid?

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