The blogosphere is extensive, and many of the blogging voices clamoring to be heard will never reach the great heights of some of the popular names in blogging. There’s no reason to be discouraged, however, because there is a secret weapon made just for little bloggers like you and me. The most magical, powerful, cataclysmic warhead designed to decimate the doubters in the blogosphere and drive more traffic to your blog–possibly fueled by the sweat and tears of unicorns and gryphons–Triberr!!

Triberr rocks the blogosphere and helps little bloggers build traffic to their blog. Unicorns and gryphons not included.

Now I’ve blogged about Triberr before, but it was about my disastrous experiences being tribed up with crazy mommy and giveaway bloggers. Now that I’ve dropped those tribes, I’m a ridiculously happy Tribemate. If you’ve been living under a rock (assuming you’re active in social media) and haven’t heard of Triberr, allow me to enlighten you.

What is Triberr?

Triberr is an online blogging and social media platform in which you join together with groups of other bloggers sharing similar interests. All of you agree to share each others’ tweets and syndicate your content to your combined number of followers. My current reach is 2,000,000 Twitter followers. Can you imagine the possibility of syndicating your amazing content to 2,000,000 people, or 4,000,000 eyeballs? (unless those followers are cyclops, the math is on point).

I know about Triberr, but what else can it do for bloggers like me?

In addition to syndicating your content to lots of fantastic followers who will read–and possibly love–your blog, there are other marvels being rolled out, even as I’m typing this message. Imagine guest posts you don’t have to beg for, comments made easily that you don’t have to hope for, and an official blogging certification verifying you know what you’re doing (great for bloggers-for-hire like me, and maybe YOU)–all of this is going down on Triberr. It will be beautiful, magical, wonderful, and a lot of other feel-good things that can’t be put into mere words.

How can I get into Triberr?

Ask me. I know six tribes of varying genres looking for bloggers to partner up and help share your great content, or better yet, follow @Triberr on twitter.

Yes, Triberr IS that magical.

Triberr ends the hassle, cuts down on blog marketing and shameless self-promoting, finds you guest posts, and is a blog traffic-generating weapon powered by the laughter of leprechauns, mermaids, and minotaurs. If you’re a little blogger like me, you need Triberr in your life. Don’t believe me? Marinate on this post and come see my one year from now. Let me know how your feeble SEO efforts have helped with your traffic, and then we’ll compare stats. I’ll be ready with tissues….

Have you heard of Triberr? Do you want to know more? Leave me a comment, and we’ll talk.

P.S. Dan, Dino, Nicole, Christina, you know I adore you guys.

Feature image courtesy of Triberr. Unicorn courtesy of Monica via Creative Commons.