A lot of people love to blog and add comments on blogs. These two courses of action can provide a lot of benefits for the reader and the blogger. Before we tackle the benefits of blog comments, let’s first know what a blog and blog commenting is supposed to be.

blog commenting

A blog is like your digital diary; it’s where you talk about your experiences, reviews and opinions about anything. These posts can be posted and shared online which means a lot of people can read your blog and comment about it. Blog commenting, on the other hand, is the process of leaving comments on someone else’s blog page. For some people, it is as simple as posting their thoughts and opinions. Bloggers can also comment back and interact with readers on that page. For businesses, it’s a marketing strategy, like social networks are. It is an SEO or search engine optimization tactic that allows you to post the links to your website, considering it’s relevant to the blog’s main idea. Here are some benefits of blog commenting:

  • Blog commenters will be able to feel that they are relevant and valued by the blogger, especially when they respond back to their comments. With this, a good business relationship or partnership will sooner be built by both parties.
  • For a blogger, these comments are priceless especially when done regularly. This shows that a lot of people are interested with the write-ups. If these blogs are for SEO purposes, the rankings of these blogs go up in the search engine results, which in turn, is always a good thing for the writer.
  • Blogs help you build your reputation as a blogger, especially if you talk about things that are relevant to people’s lives. Blogs may discuss about reviews of a certain kind of service or product like phones systems or probably your overnight stay at London’s Marriott Hotel and everything else. Make sure to create attention-grabbing blogs to get more followers and comments from respected people. By sharing your opinion and ideas, you are sharing knowledge to help other people as well.
  • Posting blog comments is also a way for you to meet new friends and fellow bloggers. It is similar with social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus; anything is possible. Interacting with others will certainly assist you to have a well-liked blog and know more of a handful of bloggers who share the same interest as you.
  • If you are a marketer of a certain company, blog commenting is a great marketing technique to make full use of. Let’s say you are a marketer for a company that manufactures and sells health and beauty products. By commenting on blogs that focus on makeup reviews, you can easily post a relatable comment. If the blog talks about a makeup product, you can include on your comment the link on your company’s website where your makeup products are showcased. Other blog commenters and marketers will be able to see your comments and eventually will click on your links. This will drive more traffic towards your website. There’s a possibility that those who read and click on your links will become a client. Who knows, you might even get a potential business partner in some of the blogs that you comment on!

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