How To Syndicate Your Content With WordPress

Content syndication is becoming a really popular way to deliver content, and people are becoming more and too busy to curate their own content or ride off of someone else’s blog, and their trending and popular posts.

So the demand for automation is on a sharp rise for content delivery to the masses.

If you’re a WordPress user I have come up with a set of tools to get your content seen by thousands, and getting you the exposure your blog needs.

Let’s take a peek and see how this may benefit your blog and business…

Here’s my shortlist of useful plugin’s for WordPress users looking to syndicated your content. I did leave out the big sites that do syndicate content like B2C, B2B, Entrepreneur, Inc and so on, you have to manually be approved for these sites through an application.

For plugins, you don’t need all these for your blog, just one is plenty, and pick one that works with your business.

Syndicate Out

This tool is a bit different than the rest I’m going to mention, with Syndicate Out, the WordPress blog that originally posted the content pushes posts in certain categories to targeted blogs that want the free content — the reverse of what happens in the other plugins, your taking content in not out.

This helpful tool can get your content seen on other targeted blog’s similar to your own. I use this one.

Syndicate Out uses WordPress’s XML-RPC functionality.

Feed WordPress

This tool is a bit better than syndicate press but has a couple big advantages over other WordPress syndication plugins, you will find the option to import a list of multiple feeds quite helpful. You can set up a profile for each feed, match categories across different blogs, automatically create unmatched categories, schedule syndicated posts, view built-in performance analytics, and so on.

Feed WordPress has a bit more AI and cleaner to use. It’s for the serious syndicator and blogger.

Syndicate Press

This is the simplest plugin to use if you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles, an array of options and customization options. Syndicate Press does have a few different features and options available, but there’s nothing really fancy about it. It’s just the basic syndication plugin for the basic blog.


This is another basic plugin, but the really cool feature is you can syndicate youtube and RSS feeds, so that might be a viable option for your business if you use lots of videos. Very newbie friendly and easy to use.

Content Syndication Suggested Practises

Content syndication is awesome, and this gives entrepreneurs and bloggers alike the visibility and much-needed traffic to their blogs. But there are some rules and guidelines to follow so you don’t get kicked off their network. What I do is use syndication to build out my brand and get exposure, which can help in a lot of other area’s in marketing to boost sales.

Ask Permission First if In Doubt
One thing you can’t do is spin and publish content that is not yours, so to get around this all you have to do is ask the author. Shoot him or her an email, wait for a response and you’re good to go. Sometimes clips of people’s content here and there are not too bad, but I would still give the credit.

Don’t be a Graphic Thief
Graphics is along the same lines as written content, although there are lots of free sites to get pictures for your post, you may have to buy a membership to a stock photo site for some good blog pictures to use. Duplicating the media on your blog would make you an unintentional graphic thief.

Include Something Unique
This isn’t really a brainer, just look for good idea’s and content to write on, there are lots out there. There is a category of good content to stick to like: self-growth, social media, traffic, and lead generation. Or it can be something trending related to your niche, the point is stand out amongst the crowd and deliver what the audience wants.

Create killer content in short.

Always Credit the Original Author
You can use snippets or quotes of content just credit the original author who posted it, preferably with a hyperlink to the article in mention. Looks better on you, and saves the not so nice colorful email from the author after.


Content syndication can be accomplished with any number of these WordPress plugins, any of these are good, but you have to decide what works best. Feed WordPress and syndicate out are my top choices if you asked me.

Automated content syndication can be accomplished with a number of different WordPress plugins that I mention here, but, content syndication should be used with caution — make sure you have everything setup right and all the legal things worked about before you launch your syndication campaign.