Starting a blog for your creative business or personal brand is a great step toward personal and business growth. Many savvy entrepreneurs are harnessing the power of storytelling and content marketing to attract new clients and customers, establish credibility as a new business, and further their brand reach online. If you’re starting a business blog, here are 3 steps to consider before publishing your first post.

What are your goals?

First, start with asking “why start a blog? what’s in it for me? my business?” Get clear on business goals before starting a blog. Having a goal in mind will inform the types of content that will be created, who the audience for the content is, and how success will be measured in performance toward the goal(s). Will you start a blog to: grow a customer base, define a brand, sell a product, etc.. All of these are solid goals that a brand blog can deliver on. Start with knowing what are you working toward and why. How you plan to accomplish that can follow.

Who is your customer?

Remember, the #1 tip to creating great content is to know your audience. Who will this content ideally reach and how would you like this audience to experience your brand? Great content enhances what this audience wants to know, feel, and do. Through this customer-centric lens, content can be created to tell a compelling brand story and ultimately generate referrals and influence preference for your business.

How will you resource your blog activities?

Consistency is key. It is ideal to build an asset list of content to publish over a scheduled cadence prior to starting the blog. The key to success is considering the necessary resource to produce consistent content. This content will connect to customers and inspire a relationship with your brand. It is worth the investment. One question to consider: will the know-how and dedicated time to create high-quality content be in-house or outsourced? Make a resource commitment that will stick and return the results you’ve set out to achieve.

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