Want to be viewed as an expert in your field as well as interact directly with potential customers without breaking the bank? Instead of spending money to interrupt your target audience, gauge their interests to seek you out!

So, what’s the secret? Social media! There are many useful facets of this realm, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. However, blogging is a very useful tool in gaining popularity in social media. It’s not just for people to ramble on about random topics in their lives, but can be used as a useful Inbound Marketing strategy.

Active blogs can show up as a top search engine result and provide a platform to interact with readers, gain feedback, and allow businesses to reach out to quell certain issues or negativities. You can avoid huge marketing costs by hiring an expert blogger and have employees observe how to write effective blog articles who could then blog in the long run.

Here are the 3 best practices for blogging:

  1. PLANT THE SEEDS! By setting up a blog you are embarking on a journey of guiding potential customers to you.  Include a navigation sidebar to organize all of your content so that previous posts are easier for the reader to find and engage in. Promote your blog on referral sites that promote the company or industry. Use topic keywords and FAQs from customers to develop content to drive traffic from search engines.
  2. HELP IT GROW! Fresh content helps with Search Engine Optimization, in that the information is up-to-date and therefore makes it more relevant to the searcher’s interests or needs. Include informative posts by providing valuable information that covers a broad range of topics that pertains to your industry. Business related content informs readers of organization updates and drives potential customers to your company and what it offers.
  3. WATCH IT BLOOM! Frequent blogging is important in maintaining site traffic and providing useful information to increase readership, which can turn into potential qualified leads. By providing new and insightful information, bloggers are able to attract prospects’ attention in not only their blog, but to their products as well. Relaying credible information helps readers resonate the company as a trustful source and a place for honesty and openness. Be a subject matter expert!

Who would have thought that a cheaper marketing strategy could have such potentially great results? Stand out from the rest by taking advantages of your creativity in this inbound marketing approach. Start blogging to develop your company’s online presence and allow your audience to blossom!