To write your own blog or not write your own blog…

It may not be as weighty a question as the one posed by Hamlet, but it’s still an important one for any business to answer.

Having a blog is important. It helps your website rank on search engines, it helps potential customers solve problems, and it shows that you’re an expert in your field.


We’d argue that the question isn’t “Should I have a blog?” (you should), but rather “Who will do the writing?” In today’s post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of writing your own articles, and hiring an outside agency to handle it.

Writing Your Own Blog

Who knows your business better than the people who work there? When you create content in-house, you’re able to bring your expertise to each article on your blog in a way an outside writer may not able to do.

It may also help to have blog posts written in your voice. Your content should read as human. It helps to get the audience to know you and to trust you.

And writing your own blog means you won’t need to worry about educating another writer about your business. Even someone who knows your industry will need to spend time learning the specifics of your business, your history, etc.


The Drawbacks Of Writing Your Own Blog

Not everyone is a writer. You may think of it as an art, but it’s also a skill like any other. You’ll need to master what it takes to put together a good blog post, along with things like SEO and digital marketing best practices.

You may not have time to do all that or even the time it takes to write a good blog post (you’ll need maybe two hours) and have it edited and proofread before publication.

Hiring An Outside Writer

When you hire someone else to write your articles, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time. You won’t need to worry about developing the skills we mentioned above. You’ll just need to schedule time to connect with the writer about the upcoming crop of posts, and then get back to work.

A good writer can craft an interesting article filled with strong keywords, create headlines and meta descriptions that draw in search engines and even engage with customers on social media.

And when you have someone who’s dedicated to creating fresh content for your blog, you’re ensuring that your blog is consistently updated, which is good for search engine rankings. Rather than getting to your blog whenever you have time, an outsourced writer will make your blog their priority.

The Downside Of Outsourcing Your Blogging

It can be tough to find a writer that’s right for you. You don’t want to sound uninformed or have articles that aren’t for the right audience. The writer you hire needs to have a strong grasp on your industry and your target audience.

A Dual Approach

While both methods of blogging have their advantages and drawbacks, there is a third way. Working with an inbound marketing agency can ensure that you’ll have writers on hand who will make sure they have a firsthand understanding of your company before they write.

An inbound agency can make sure your content is built around the appropriate keywords. And if you do decide to write your blog on your own, we can edit it to make sure it’s engaging and has the SEO elements you need to reach your target audience.