Your epic post is finished and now you are ready to do set it loose into the world. Sure, you can post it to your website, but is that all there is? Your fingers are tired and worn to a nub, so what can you do to get some pay back for all of your hard work?

Share Your Post on Other Sites
Post a link and a short description to your blog on social sharing sites such as, and Make sure your post title is an eye-catcher because these sites have great traffic potential and are an ideal way to drive traffic to your site.

Create Content for Social Media
Have you been on Twitter and Facebook and seen the same boring post over and over? Not very interesting is it? To avoid the blandness in your tweets and posts, develop an outline from your blog post. Then use the key points from the outline to develop your social media posts for the coming week. Creating a new blog post every week will keep your social media content fresh.

Create a List
If your post is lengthy, create a Top 10 List. Post the list on Facebook or on your other social sites and be sure to place a link to your blog in the post. If the list entices the reader, they can click on the link and read the complete article.

Use Your Post to Develop a Free Give Away
Do you have a topic that you are always writing about? Use those posts to develop an eBook. Then use the eBook to entice your readers to give you their email address. If your eBook is demand, offer it as a paid eBook on your website or on sites such as

Use your content to develop a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter. Condense your post and add it as a teaser to generate traffic to your site. Did you write a post that you are not going to use on your site? Include that in your newsletter. Did you create that Top 10 List? Include it your newsletter too.

Once your post is complete and ready to go, think about the different ways in which you can repackage your content. A blogger is not limited to just posting their work on the web. Your fingers have put in a hard day’s work plunking away on the key board. Make sure you get the biggest bang from all of their hard work.