One of the biggest challenge that I always face while making my blog user-friendly is adding advertisements without hampering the user-experience. There are hundreds of ad networks out there, and multiple ways to monetize a blog, but the hardest part is ensuring your ads doesn’t hurt the readability or user-experience in any ways. One of the known fact about advertising is, it works the best when you are placing the ads above the fold, and after Google Page layout algorithm update, we were bound to shift a great percentage of ad inventory to below fold. Now the big question is, can we monetize our blog without making our blog look ad dump-yard? If you are still living in the world of contextual ads, I have few ad networks to share with you, which will help you to earn more, and best part is your users will not even mind such ad placement.

3 Reader Friendly ways to Monetize A Blog:



I always call Viglink as an ad network for Non-experienced affiliate blogger. If you are aware of affiliate marketing, you would not need Viglink (In most of the cases), but if you have not used Affiliate marketing, Viglink is the smart blogger method to make money. Viglink converts your outbound link into affiliate link, and you will share a part of revenue with Viglink. Viglink is partnered with thousands of affiliate networks (Amazon, Apple app store, ebay) to name a few. Getting started with Viglink is quite easy, as you just need to create a free account, grab your custom code and add it into your blog footer. If this sounds any technical, you can simply grab this plugin and integrate Viglink on your blog.

I have noticed great success on one of my client Fashion blog with Viglink, and more over it’s search engine friendly way to monetize your blog. If you are using too many links to sites like Amazon, App store, eBay, you should definitely try Viglink. One of the closest alternative of Viglink is Skimlinks, which also work in the similar way.

giveaway is a marketplace like BuySellAds, which connects Advertisers and bloggers for sponsored contest on the blog. This platform is a win-win situation for blogger and advertiser, as:

  • Blogger gets: New readership, free product for giveaway, make money from the giveaway.
  • Advertiser gets: Social media following, Product promotion, high-quality links.

Here is how  works:

You register your blog on their site, submit your blog, assign your topic, and verify blog stats using Google analytics. Advertisers login to dashboard, select blog based on niche, pay the price, and book a giveaway on the target blog. Contest goes live, and you enjoy the benefit of giveaways, and marketer gets the product promotion along with Social-media following. If you have a niche blog, this ad network will be useful for you.

Monetize using reviews on your Blog:

Blog reviews are one of the best way to earn huge bucks from your blog. All you need is a quality blog, and an advertisement page which clearly reflects your blog demographic and kind of advertisements you are accepting. Now, many of you who have never used reviews on your blog, here are some tips to make money from it:

  • On your advertisement page, mention that you are accepting product review on your blog.
  • Make sure you accept offer of those product which matches your blog category.
  • Before reviewing any product, do try it out yourself; and ask would you pay for the product?
  • When doing a review post, clearly mention that this is a sponsored review.

The best part of review is, you get instant paid by the advertiser, and depending upon your writing skills, you can charge from $10-$1000/review for a good quality blog. You can read these tips from Alen of lifehacker on writing great reviews.

It’s a good idea to try new ad networks, and monetization technique on your blog, and remove the least performing ad. On my blog, I have lowered down the number of AdSense unit to 1 (468*60) ad unit, as other methods are giving me better results. I would love to know, which other monetization method you are using on your blog, which doesn’t hamper user experience?