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A New & Fun Way To Blog That Will Increase Engagement With Your Content

For those of you who have yet heard of Roojoom, a short intro: Roojoom is a content curation and creation platform, that lets you bundle up content from on and off the web and guide your readers through it. At this point, you are probably wondering how is this different than blogging? Well, it’s extremely different. While using Roojoom can become a big part of your content marketing plan, it does not replace blogging. Blogging is not for everyone (Roojoom IS for everyone), but if you are blogging – Great! Don’t stop! Instead, use Roojoom ON TOP of blogging to increase engagement with your content.

What are the main differences between Roojooming & Blogging?

If you are a content marketer for a company and you keep a great company blog full with tips, resources and case studies – that’s wonderful. Content marketing is all about providing value to your audience, and blogging is definitely a useful way to get all your knowledge out there.

People – and also search engines– like to read things that are detailed, well written and engaging. Producing this kind of high quality content takes time – lots of it. It also takes a lot of research to learn what’s already out there on this topic and creativity to add something new to the pile. It takes most writers a minimum of 4-6 hours to produce a high quality blog post.

It is also very hard to get people engaged with your content. The average bounce rate on blogs for new visitors is 60.2%, and the average reader stays only 1-2 minutes on your website. Writing a catchy title is a good way to get people to start reading, but you need to bait them to keep reading with every paragraph added. They can quit anytime and go read something else. If they clicked a link inside your post – you lost them.

So blogging is time consuming, and engaging people with your content is very challenging.

Building a Roojoom, on the other hand, takes only 15-30 minutes for the average person. It is also a lot more engaging as people read a Roojoom for over 9 minutes in average – that’s 5 times longer than the average time spent on most websites. Roojooms also have a much lower bounce rate as they include many pieces of content, and the interface encourages your readers to keep reading them all the way until the end.

How to use Roojoom in addition to blogging to increase engagement with your content:

By this point, you might be asking yourself – why keep blogging? I can just create Roojooms with content already out there and brand them with my company’s logo. While this is a great option, blogging is still a great way to get your site ranked high in search engines and increase trust in your brand. If you are already running a company blog, don’t stop. Instead, mix blogging & Roojooming together to create a more powerful content marketing strategy.

Tips for Roojooming to pack more punch in your content marketing strategy:

  1. Great information is out there on the web on virtually every topic. Use Roojoom to collect great content into a single link and add your point of view and insights in every step to personalize the content.
  2. Keep using your blog to share exlussive information, such as an analysis of original data, case studies, and tips you personally learned from your work.
  3. Add more value to your readers inside your blog by embedding your Roojooms inside your blog posts– this allows you to present external information without having your readers leave your website. This tactic will increase the time readers spend on your site and lower your bounce rate.
  4. Include some of your “old” posts inside your Roojooms to re-purpose your existing content. You worked so hard on these posts, why not have more people read them?

How to use Roojoom instead of blogging to engage people with your brand:

Don’t want to blog? Now with Roojoom there is much less of a need! Not all of us like to write 500-1000 words posts. However, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on content marketing! With Roojoom you now have the opportunity to use content that is already out there and brand it with your company’s logo, look-&-feel and Call-to-Action. To use Roojoom instead of blogging simply:

  1. Collect the best content relevant to your audience. You are the expert on this topic, so why don’t you do the hard work for them and cherry-pick the pearls out of all the crappy content out there?
  2. Create Roojooms on specific sub-topics related to your brand. Include a great title and introduction and choose an inviting cover image to lure readers in.
  3. Make sure the content inside your Roojooms is diverse: you can use webpages, PDF’s, videos, presentations, infographics, etc.
  4. Have comments or content of your own to add? Use the insights or the text editor to add original content.
  5. Include a landing page inside your Roojoom as well as a clear Call-to-Action button on each step to generate leads from your Roojooms.

Here is an example to what a Roojoom widget would look like when you embed it on your website. I chose a Roojoom with content relevant to this article, so hope you’ll find it useful. Click on it to dive straight in!