Do you struggle with generating new ideas for your blog articles? Here is a list of helpful ideas to get the juices flowing!

One of the greatest things about blogging is that you can let your creativity run free. You can take about anything you want, with no rules and no boundaries to stifle your desire for creative expression.

Unfortunately, after you’ve published several dozen blog posts, you start wondering if you have anything left to share. You think you’ve covered it all.

Or maybe you’re too involved in the other aspects of your blog management, such as improving the web design and marketing, that your brain just isn’t coming up with fresh new topics to write about.

I’m here to tell you that this is completely normal.

We All Run Into a Wall Now and Then

If you follow the standard 3 posts a week frequency, you might be having a hard time keeping up with your publishings. The truth is that even the best of us can suffer from creativity blocks.

We don’t always have the ideas to turn into well-written, engaging blog posts. But if we are to meet the demands of our readers and establish good SEO value for our site, we need to find ways to get content out.

Below, I’m sharing with you five easy ways to get inspiration for blog titles. Some of them may sound weird to you, but trust me, they’ve helped a lot of bloggers already.

1. Start with a Picture

You’ve heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The saying, however, is thought to come from a man named Fred R. Barnard, and that its original version was ‘A picture is worth TEN thousand words’.

Regardless of where the saying comes from and what the real version is, people can find plenty of inspiration from images alone. That’s because visual stimulation is one of the most powerful ways of activating our brains.

Browse through the archives of free stock photo sites and draw inspiration from there. Two examples of these sites you should definitely check out are Pexels and Pixabay.

They offer a treasure trove of enchanting and captivating images that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

How to Draw Inspiration from Images:

Choose a photo that speaks to you somehow, or makes you feel a certain way. Take note of your emotions while you’re looking at the image.

Now, ask yourself the following question: “If you could describe the photo in one word, what would it be?”

Using that word, try to come up with a similar title for a blog post that you think will also fit the image.

For example, if your word is ‘peaceful’, then you could write a blog post about how to achieve inner peace even during the worst days of your life. Play with a few ideas in your head and make sure the title you end up with complements the image you chose.

2. Use Blog Title Generators

Blog topic generators are a great source of topic ideas! Try one of the websites listed to the left and see what you can come up with!

If you need to come up with blog titles fast, there are plenty of online tools that can help you out. Blog title generators can be a blogger’s best friend, especially if you’re pressed for time.

Just remember to add your own creative twist to the title results whenever possible. You still need to make your content stand out as a blogger, so don’t settle for generic titles when you have the chance to be unique.

Below are some of the popular title generators used today:

3. Dig Through Your Comment Section

Go through your own blog, specifically your ‘Comment Section’. If you have a fairly active community of readers, you can find plenty of inspiration there.

It may be in the form of a question that one of your readers asked you. Or an angle they suggested that you haven’t explored yet. It helps to think like your readers to get a fresh perspective of things.

For bloggers who haven’t established an active community yet, check out the comment section of popular sites. One reason you may not getting traffic could be because you’re pages take too long to load. If so, consider compressing your high-quality blog images or getting a content delivery network to speed up page loading time for readers.

Below is the comment section of a blog post on Entrepreneur discussing fast ways to earn cash. As you can see, readers pitch in their own insights and ideas, so make sure to explore that too.

4. Get Active

If you’re still struggling with finding new blogging ideas, try getting outside and going for a walk. Sometimes to get the creative juices flowing you first need to get the blood flowing.

Some people will tell you that their greatest ideas never happened just by staying put. They came up with these ideas while they were out biking, taking a walk, or jogging in the park.

In fact, a study conducted at Stanford University showed that creative thinking is enhanced while a person is walking. Another study also proves a relationship between exercise and divergent plus convergent thinking, both essential components to creativity.

5. Take Out Your Dictionary

I’m saving the quirkiest way of getting blog post ideas for last.

Take out your dictionary (assuming people still own a physical one these days) and just randomly flip through the pages. Next, close your eyes and just place your index finger anywhere on the page.

Now open your eyes and check which word entry your finger was closest to. Yes, this is indeed a strange way to get inspiration, but it can be fun, too.

Using that word, try and come up with interesting titles that you think your readers will appreciate. For example, if you landed on the word “alpaca”, maybe have some fun with it and come up with a title like “What an Alpaca Can Teach You About Living a Fulfilling Life”.

And there you have it, you now have a blog idea generator that you can conveniently whip out even if you don’t have Internet access.

Final Thoughts

Bloggers are naturally busy people. Oftentimes, you’re busy just tending to your blog, marketing your content, or perhaps heading off to another exciting travel destination. With so much on your plate, sometimes there’s just little room for your creative thoughts to ebb and flow freely.

But armed with the ingenious and quirky methods shared above, you should have a much easier time coming up with interesting blog post ideas that are sure to catch your reader’s’ attention.