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Today I am giving you my daily blogging routine cheat sheet. It can probably tell you a story about how I make money online and give you some insight into this blogging career. It is pretty crazy and very hard to explain what I actually do when someone asks me. If I actually showed them my daily blogging routine, the next question they would ask me is why. Outsiders do not understand why I build links to my content from other websites, they do not understand how a blogger can make money period. In fact my husband barely understands what I do, but he knows that I’m doing is something that makes money.

Below I have listed a few things about my daily blogging routine and I sincerely hope that will it will not scare the new bloggers off when they see how much work is involved. But let me tell you that it is not always like this. When you grow your blog you will notice that you will absolutely need to outsource some of the jobs. A true blogging business, and the best one to create, is one that you can fully outsource and have a hands off approach.

Facts About my Daily Blogging Routine

I have been blogging for a few years, but it wasn’t called blogging, it was called owning a website. I have tried so many different ways of making things work that I have come to a few conclusions.

  • If I do not turn up for work, I still make money.
  • If I do not turn up to work for a week, I still make money.
  • If I do not turn up for work for a month, my money decreases. :(
  • If I outsource I do not have to turn up to work and I still make money.
  • I can work from any location in the world with an Internet connection.
  • When someone says “Will you be free at that time?” I have to say yes because I am always free.

When I read over these points I have to laugh. Where can you get a job like this?

A Bloggers Job

Imagine if you asked your child a question about what they wanted to be when they grow up? Imagine if they said “I want to be a Blogger”

When I started building websites I had no idea what I was actually getting into. I seriously thought I was simply building a WordPress website and nothing else.

Then I realized there was more to blogging!

  • Writer
  • Editor in chief
  • Web designer WordPress Theme expert
  • Graphics artist
  • Marketing guru
  • Public relation officer
  • Social Media expert
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Advertising manager
  • SEO Expert
  • Employer
  • Self motivator

Oh boy! I could probably list a few more qualifications but I think you get the picture.

Full Time Daily Blogging Routine

Yes I have a daily blogging routine. It does not mean that I actually stick to it every day, but I would dearly love to. The one thing I never miss out on is my beautiful espresso coffee to get me started.

daily blogging routine

View full document on Google Docs. It is a work in progress and you will have to download this and edit it for yourself to suit your needs.

Daily blogging routine steps

I will list a few jobs that I do as some may not be on the daily blogging routine sheet. Thankfully not all jobs have to be done daily, as some can be done weekly or monthly. When you get experienced in the blogging world, you will be able to develop your own daily blogging routine and you will know what is necessary and what is not.

Learning to Be a Blogger

The process of learning what is required to become a successful blogger is absolutely mind blowing. Image going to college to get a degree for this? How many years of studying would it actually take?

Obviously some people learn quicker than others and some people are DOERS and others are not! Some people also think they are working hard when they really have no idea what hard work is..Hmm.

There is a bright side though..

After a while it all clicks in your mind, all the mess of learning glues together and something snaps. New horizons open up and you see money making opportunities everywhere you look. The problem then becomes a matter of time and organization. I am at that stage of organizing time and output. I can easily make money but there is only so much I can do.

Hiring people to help you and outsourcing some of those jobs that are listed above, is not as easy as people suggest it is. I have been completing most of the jobs that you see myself. I do have people working with me but nothing in comparison to what I do.

The process of learning to be a blogger also requires that you move through the stages of blogging. You cannot grow a business and expect to be able to run it on your own forever. I am looking forward to the day when I can hand this daily blogging routine over to someone else. I just have to find that person..

And You Call Yourself a Blogger?

Is a blogger someone that owns a blog? Is a full time blogger a person that works on their blog everyday? WT ? It is probably not fair to say that a full time blogger is a person who earn is a full-time wage from blogging. This is because there are actually people out there that are investing all of their time into blogging but are not making any money. So I guess they are full-time bloggers too!

There are no rules in this game so how do you know when you become qualified as a full time blogger?

Do you qualify all call yourself a full-time blogger and do you have a daily blogging routine?

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