Blog Strategy Multiple VoicesDoes your small to medium size business have a blog, and if so do you have a blogging strategy? Today, blogging is an essential aspect of a successful online business; it is a form of social media that helps put your company in front of your target audience. A blog that is interactive, having many people get involved in discussing the topics, is a great way to generate interest. However, if you are the only one letting your voice be heard on your blog it may eventually take on a dull or monotonous tone.

Is your blog inconsistent, updated only when you or someone in your company “gets around to it”? A blog that is inconsistent may as well not exist. Multiple voices is a key blogging strategy that every business should be taking the time to incorporate.

Why your blogging strategy should include “mixing it up”

Most of the popular, highly-trafficked blogs on the internet have many different voices.  By having various people within your industry post on your blog, it brings new perspectives and a freshness because everyone has a unique “voice”.

Multiple voices often make for interesting stories; other writers share their own experiences, and encourage conversation. Having multiple authors post to your blog can lend personality and even excitement. Let’s face it. Coming up with new ideas and topics to discuss is hard for one person to do on a daily basis. When you’re fresh out of ideas or bored, it shows in the content of your blog.

It is important to have a blogging strategy

Some businesses never even consider a strategy when it comes to blogging. If something of interest comes to mind, they post it on their blog. Otherwise, it gets ignored, only to be posted to occasionally. Search engines love blogs, particularly those that are alive with activity. Don’t let your blog just “sit there” and get stale!

By recruiting new voices, your content can be invigorated; those who follow your blog might actually anticipate the next post. Your blog readers are all unique, with different ideas, opinions, interests and perspectives. When you build your blog with multiple voices, you will naturally increase the activity through the reach you’ll gain with differentiation.

Sounds great, but where can I get these “multiple voices”?

Take a look around your office first. Recruit people that are experts at what they do, and are passionate about the specific topics that they will write about. Co-workers often have creative ideas you may not have thought of. Guest bloggers within your industry, or even customers who have used your product/service are also good choices.

As an extremely effective blogging strategy, isn’t it time you began incorporating new voices in to the content of your blog? Every individual can bring something new to the table, escalating the conversation and amplifying interest.

Photo credit: Betsy Weber