In today’s digital world the traditional 9 to 5 is no longer a must or the norm.

Every day new entrepreneurs are popping out on the web dreaming of making it big.

One of the tools they use is a blog. A blog is a great way of showcasing your skills and hopefully getting an income for whatever skills you are good at.

If you want some examples of blogs that generate above average income then we have a list of 12 bloggers who make over $10,000 a month. These are seasoned bloggers who know how to monetize a blog and their skills. You can follow their footstep to create a slice of your own online income.

Our impressive line-up starts with Jon Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Michelle Gardner, Lindsay Ostrom, Abby and Jon Dykstra.

Our line-up finishes with Holly Johnson, Mathew Woodward, Daniel Johannes, Harsh Agarwal, Gina Horkey and Rosemarie.

Their niches vary from entrepreneurship, blogging, social media, SEO, lifestyle, cooking, savings, photography, home decor and DIY.


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Remember, most blogs take time to make money and the key to success is patience and something unique to offer whether it is a service, product or content. Ideally, you have a well-balanced mix of all the successful components to make money from blogging. Don’t get disheartened by all the big numbers above; look for ways to stand out. Sometimes all you need is a change in approach; if you are pitching for direct clients you may want to consider looking for agencies. The first 10 or so clients may not necessarily come to you rather you may have to go get them.

The internet is the biggest marketplace in the world so feel free to hunt for your first few clients. Once you have a few repeat clients you could be well on your way.

Note: Net Income for March 2016 has been used unless otherwise stated. Only bloggers who display an income report online have been included.

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