Every designer wants to create the perfect dress. Every cook to bake the most delicious pizza. Every entrepreneur to come up with a never-before-seen idea. You guessed it! Every blogger strives to publish the most indulging and appealing blog post. However, especially as a young one who had barely started swimming in the murky waters of blogging filled with uncertainty and dangers, this job can be quite challenging. Not everyone can pull off the post of their dreams that people talk about all over the net in a short period of time.

But you can. You can do that and so much more if you just let me unveil to you the secrets of the perfect blog post that will send your blog on the top. So what are we waiting for?

Strong horses pull the carriage faster

woman coaching carriage on country road

No! We’re not going to a ball like Cinderella and no we don’t plan to participate in horse races but we need strong horses to pull your blog ahead nevertheless. By that I mean strong and spunky headlines, which can’t go unobserved and unclicked. It makes sense now, doesn’t it? Your headline is one of the most vital parts of your posts that can make you or break you as the saying goes. It’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your blog. That’s why you have to invest your whole creativity and energy in making it unforgettable.

Just think of the topic of your post, spice it up with some powerful words to give it emphasis and you have your perfect headline. Just mind that it shouldn’t be too long as long headlines lead to less interested readers and less interested readers lead to we all know what. Complete disaster for your blog. All of this said, always take care that only strong horses aka headlines pull your blog toward the desired success. A very useful tool to help you out with that is Title Generator.

Follow the script

movie clapper board

I know that you sometimes want to let go and use some jargon or pompous words to make your words more believable, but things simply don’t roll in your benefit with that. You can only cause your readers to lose interest and think of you as unprofessional. To avoid that follow the script and include only relevant and concise information in your post. I don’t say that you should sound too serious or anything – just keep it short and to the point and you cannot make a mistake.

For example, if you run a fashion blog and you write a blog post on the newest collection of dresses on the runways, you surely won’t go blabbering about the personal life of the model wearing them. You’ll write about the materials, the color, the comfort it provides and stuff like that. I think you get my point.

All letters are not the same

letters flying from pen

Yes they are, you might say. I am sorry to break it you but that’s not entirely true in blogging. What seems to you the same when writing it on a piece of paper is absolutely different on the screens! I’m talking about fonts and the effect they add to your posts. Every word you write has a unique impact on the reader so you better ensure that it’s written in an understanding and easy-to-read font. Remember, if you want an indulging post include an indulging font.

My recommendation would be the sans serif font Roboto which is used by many famous bloggers. Basically every sans serif font will do the trick. You can download them here.

Also keep an eye on the bold and italics. Use these two on your text to make some parts stand out and grab the attention of the readers. After all, everyone likes to see the key points highlighted for them.

What makes a perfect body


Your readers are thrill lovers. We all are, so let the excitement flow through the paragraphs of your post. Leave the readers hanging on a cliff or drooling over some juicy scandal and just like that you’ve created your most appealing post ever. It’s all in the topic you cover. The winning formula is of course, killer content with cliffhangers and a personal story here and there accompanied by some trendy or evergreen info and all of that split into short paragraphs. That way you connect with your readers and they see you as an actual person or even a friend sitting next to them and sharing some piece of advice rather than an avatar. It’s what all your posts should aim at.

For instance, take a look at this post by Tiffany Sun on Starting Your Own Blog, The Simple Way. You see how it starts off with a personal approach to engage with the readers and then it goes to the key point of writing it. As you scroll down you see eye-catching headings and compelling images that accompany them. The text is organized in short and easy-to-read paragraphs and you can also see that lists dominate some parts (that’s the evergreen info). It’s what you should try doing as well.

Decorate your house

Worker shows house design plans to a young couple at construction site

In the online world, your blog is your house. Only you don’t have to visit Home Depot to furniture it. All you need is checking the YouTube store or the iStock one and choose images and videos that best fit your content. No blog post is complete without a touch of multimedia to give the readers an insight into how your words actually look like.

As I know that the search can be a long and tiring one, I give you some of the famous web sites that offer quality images and videos.

For more you can check out my post Where Do I Get Images for My Blog?

Now I think that you’re ready to create the blog post of your dreams that captivates everyone who reads it and sticks with them for a long time. Obviously you have your own imagination and way of writing your thoughts, but these points are a very useful guide to help you stay on the track and enrich your posts with what’s necessary. Now go! Create appealing and indulging posts and tell us how it went in the comments!

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