Comments on WebsitesComments on blog sites and personal websites used to be the method people used to show they really cared or appreciated the content that was shared. Then spam came along and pretty much made this type of process a security nightmare and an unpleasant process for people to leave comments. A few years ago, I tracked comments left on my blog site and comments I found out later provided some nice links for myself and others.

Well now, Google Hummingbird has come along and has also reduced the value of website comments with the latest change. Now, I am not saying that people should leave comments to get something in return. I am just stating some facts that I have discovered over the past year.

So questions remain, “How should you get people to comment on my site?” “Where should you leave comments for people?”

Let’s address the first question – It is very simple. Make sure you have loaded some share icons on your site for people to easily share your work with others. Also, encourage people to contact you via email or on Twitter or Google Plus. Finally, start posting a link to your content on social media platforms.

Second question – Where should you leave comments for others? If I read something of value, I like to post a link on Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus with my own comments. Yes, the second part is critical. Anyone can just post a link. Taking time to recognize someone for sharing something of value is the part that is really the key. If commenting is available, proceed with precaution. You want to make sure your comments do not come across as spam. I have pretty much refrained from leaving comments because I don’t want to be associated with the majority of spammers. (Just my advice)

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