Learning WordPress: Is WordPress The CMS That’s Right For You?

There are options, other than WordPress, out there for self-hosted open-source content management systems – Joomla and Drupal are a couple of the better known ones. So, why choose WordPress for your blogging and website needs?

If you are seeking a business presence online, starting with the best is wise!

But, let’s not be too biased here. Take a look at a few of the following parameters to see how WordPress stacks up against the rest. It will be worth knowing if you are learning WordPress and want to know if it’s worth your time.

Installing the software – When it comes to setting up your website or blog, no one wants to have to be a programming expert to even get it running. With WordPress, installation is simple. If you have chosen a quality and reputable web host that supports WordPress, the process becomes as easy as hitting a button.

Even without that, you can still install the software in about 5 minutes as long as you have the detailed instructions. Guess what? You do have them on the website. There is a WordPress tutorial to help you begin and complete the process.

Variety is the spice of online business – When WordPress, you’ll come across design themes. There are thousands to choose from on the site, each with a description of their features. On top of that, you can find thousands more custom themes that you can install on your business website.

WordPress provides a wide variety of themes to meet your needs all included free within the WordPress repository. However, there are also many feature-rich, premium themes available that may benefit your business. Checking out themes is one of the enjoyable aspects of setting up a WP site.

Website tools – Business websites need options. With the changes that take place all the time with social media and online business in general, you will want options. WordPress has a lot of developers creating the next widget or plugin to streamline your site. There are thousands and thousands of these web tools available and, you can search through wordpress’ extensive library from their dashboard.

Just like themes, you can also find premium plugins that will let your site easily do things that you would normally require a coder to accomplish!

A supportive community – The open source community that avidly follows, develops for and supports WordPress is simply amazing! From hosting training events, offering networking opportunities, developing many free (and paid) upgrades, and spreading the word… you couldn’t ask for more! While all open source software platforms have their loyal followers, the WordPress community is one of the best! This helps ensure that you will never be without the ability to find information, get assistance, or learn more about your WordPress website!

You might not know a lot about other open source CMS software, but you do know that learning WordPress and using their platform is a win-win combination for your business.

Ready to learn WordPress? You’ll find a variety of WordPress tutorials throughout this site! Want to take it further? Be sure to check out the WordPress Tutorial Library to help you not only get started but develop the skills to maintain your site!

Do you use WordPress for your self-hosted website?

Perhaps you can share with others your experiences around learning WordPress!