I’ve written on this blog about how my ideal work day has me blogging first and taking care of clients second.

But there’s something even more important, and that’s my self-care, which includes both physical and spiritual practices.

To plan my day, I use a combination of a daily printout of my Google Calendar and the Freelancer Workweek planners from Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing). But long before that, I’ve blocked out time for my self-care activities, including meals and snacks.

My current self-care regime has me dividing my meals throughout the day to separate the foods that don’t seem to get along well when I eat them at the same time.

While it’s been better for my digestion, it raises some challenges to add those other meal times into the day. And I do it. Because it’s important.

Without the proper fuel, my body cannot do its daily work and I won’t be able to help anyone.

Back when I was coaching creative artists and others on their own self-care journey, I wrote two articles about food:

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