Invest 1 Hour Extra Into Your Blog - What Will It Do

How many hours per day do you put into your blog? Do you spend a full 8 hours a day blogging and creating backlinks or do you spend 2 hours a day at the most? The amount of work that you can get done in 1 hour is amazing and as a blogger, the more time I can put into my blog, the bigger it will become.

With that said, what will 1 extra hour of work do to my blog.

First of all, in order to add 1 extra hour of work into your blog you would need to figure out where that 1 hour is coming from. Will it come from your relaxation time, your sleep, or possible your time with family. For most people, taking time away from relaxing is the best way, however, I propose something slightly different.

Take 1 hour away from sleeping.

I understand this might not be the best thing for you, but here me out. When I recently spend 1 hour awake after my fiancée fell asleep, I was able to get twice as much work done. Then, two days later I woke up 1 hour earlier (before my fiancée woke up) and was able to get twice as much done again. What I came to realize is that this new time would give me double the production in the same amount of time and because of that, I could now take a nap during the middle of the day.

Do I recommend that you take a nap, if you are tired and you can’t get much done, then go for it. Just think, if I was to wake up 1 hour earlier every morning and then go to bed 1 hour later, I would get 4 hours of work in as opposed to just 2.

Benefit Of Investing 1 Extra Hour

More Production

As I just said, you will get more production. Even if you add 1 extra hour to the middle of your day as opposed to taking a couple hours off, you can get more done which will mean more traffic to your site and hopefully money as well.

Less Distractions

Distractions are one of the biggest problems that people who work online have. Whether you are distracted by Facebook, Twitter, cell phones or even your friends and family talking to you while you try to work, all distractions need to be limited. The best part about investing 1 extra hour of work is that your distractions won’t prevent you from getting your tasks done for the day.

Short Term Growth

Nobody wants to wait around for a year while their blog slowly reaches 100 visitors per day, but if you put in an extra hour per day it could happen in less than a few months. Most people don’t realize how much can be accomplished in one full hour of uninterrupted work and that is what I want to address right now. If you can add one extra hour of work each day, your blog will have short term growth that will help you out as a blogger. For example, if I started a new blog that only got 100 visitors after 6 months of blogging, then I would most likely end that project and move on. On other hand, if I put in one extra hour per day towards my blog and it started getting 100 visitors per day in only 2 months, then I would be more willing to keep it going and build on it.

If you have time, try to do something for your blog in 1 hour today and see how much you can do. Once you do that, then come back here and let us know what you got accomplished and whether you plan on adding 1 extra hour of work towards your blog from now on.