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So you want to write a blog that will go viral? The good folks at have taken a close look at the top 100 blogs and are willing to share what they have learned about them. Their findings were pretty consistent across the board, and the results might raise a few eyebrows. Here are some of their findings on what makes these blogs so popular, and you can learn from their research. discovered that each blog has an average of just over 3 images per blog. So, three might be a minimum number, but if you have more than 4, it may be just a bit too much. These articles were also found to be rife with external links, with an average of 9.96. So if you are going to make a claim, it is in your best interest to back it up with a reputable source.

Another thing these 100 blogs had in common was an average title length of 50.7 characters and an average word count in the body of the blogs of 1149. 22% of the blogs contained quotes, and 92% of them had social buttons.

A full three-quarters of these blogs allowed comments to be posted to them, encouraging reader input. Any regular reader of blogs knows how much people love to interject their opinions to have their voice heard on a variety of hot-button topics. Only 5% of the blogs had videos embedded in them.

So what type of subjects are these popular blogs addressing? The results might surprise you. 11% of them answer some type of question. People also seem to love numbered lists, as 45% of these popular blogs contain them or use them as a topic. 35% of these blogs are a type of guide, or teach someone how to do something.

So if you have a skill you can teach, are good at embedding images into a blog, and can keep the blog on the short side, around 2 pages, you are well on your way to writing the perfect blog post. If you post information it is best to back it up with a reputable source, with a link within your blog.

Does any of this ensure you’ll soon be cracking the top 100 anytime soon? No, but practice makes perfect, and if you follow these simple suggestions, chances are you’ll see your number of readers grow.