Blogs are an effective but underused medium for marketing. Blogs or Weblogs are usually short articles which convey certain views or information which the blogger considers useful. Other than being knowledgeable, it also expresses views showing where the organization stands with regard to a situation.


Initially blogs were written by individuals but now blogs are often written and managed by groups of people. Several large organizations contain departments for handling blogs and other forms of content led mediums. Creating quality content could lead to invitation to write articles for organizations because of the large number of readers they have and your subject matter expertise.


Things to do when starting a blog:

  • Brainstorm: Try to understand what your target audience would really want and like to read. Think from your audience’s point of view and then build on your expertise.
  • Structure: Structure your posts properly. Make sure you follow a logical sequence which lets the readers breeze through without having to struggle to understand. A structured blog has short paragraphs and sentences and headings to show what they are about.
  • Use Pictures: Using pictures appropriately could help in two way; they will help you break the clutter and then will help illustrate your point better. Use relevant pictures.
  • Simplicity: Unless you are writing a technical blog, avoid using complicated words. Your readers want to learn and educated themselves. Don’t confuse them. Keep it simple and keep it clear.
  • Be Casual: Keep your language casual and conversational. The blog should speak to the reader rather than being like a fact sheet. Speak out and engage them. Being too formal often makes stuff boring.
  • Share: Make sure you share your post through all your other social media channels. This will build up your audience and increase the initial traffic on your blog.


  • Subscription: Use a plugin which lets your visitors subscribe to your updates. This keeps them coming back for more
  • Recommendations: Use a content recommendation plugin such as Slide – by SimpleReach. This will pull other interesting articles from your blog and show them to your visitors when they almost finish reading a current post.

 So make sure you start your own blog. Be regular and innovative with your content and you’ll have a whole new bunch of fans in no time. You can check out my company blog here

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